What Every Mother and Grandmother Wants: To Look & Feel Beautiful

Your mom worries about you; she always has. In fact, you’re probably responsible for at least some of those creases her forehead, the fine lines around her Portrait of happy mother and daughtereyes or those worry lines around her mouth. Make it up to her this Mothers’ Day by giving her a gift that lasts longer than flowers or candy: a facial treatment at Azul Medical Spa.

With regular care, her skin can look and feel as fresh as it did years ago. Every Azul Signature Facial is customized to the patient’s skin type and needs. A facial is much more than just a relaxing treatment; it combines exfoliating with cleansing, deep hydration and oxygenation, and provides an oasis of relaxation during a busy day. Who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing massage? A HydraFacial MD treatment leaves skin smooth and radiant, making fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable. Or choose an Infusion Facial, a hand-held microneedling treatment which can penetrate deeply to stimulate collagen production or simply infuse skincare products into the top layer of skin.

Most women know that facials can (and should) be incorporated into a regular skincare routine, since each round of exfoliation and new cell growth yields noticeable results for about a month. However, very similar results can also be achieved with mild chemical peels. If Mom has never had a chemical peel before, she might first try a micropeel to see how her skin reacts to the active ingredient (glycolic acid). For longer-lasting, more dramatic results, she can choose any of the treatments offered in Azul’s Medical Peel Program. The strength of the solution is determined by the results you want to achieve. Other non-invasive procedures can achieve similar results, including microdermabrasion (best for treating stretch marks, scarring and discoloration), dermaplaning (deep exfoliation) or intense pulsed light (IPL), which removes unwanted pigment spots. Most of these can also be repeated every four to six weeks as part of a regular skincare regimen. Dr. Patrick Flaharty offers patients a free consultation, where he’ll explain more about how each treatment works and which can best help achieve (and maintain) the smooth, glowing skin of their youth.

Beauty is one gift you can never give (or have) too much of; it’s perfect for every occasion, and it always fits. Behind every successful woman is a mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, cousin or friend who helps empower her. All women deserve to feel beautiful — not just one day a year, but throughout their lives. Go ahead, call Azul to schedule a free consultation for the women who have helped you become who you are. And don’t forget another important woman in your life — you! Whether you’re a mother or just feel like one sometimes, you’re worth an investment in yourself. The greatest beauty is never just skin-deep; it radiates out to the rest of the world from the confidence a woman carries within herself.


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