Harmonious Rejuvenation

Have you heard the phrase “dressed to the nines”? It’s an old English phrase and means dressed “to perfection”. Top to bottom perfection – collar to cuffs, hair to hemline. At Azul we believe your facial rejuvenation should also be “to the nines”! But sometimes our patients only want to go part of the way when it comes to rejuvenation, taking care of one area but not the other. Kind of like a gorgeous dress with scuffed up shoes.

That’s why Dr. Flaharty has created what he calls Harmonious Rejuvenation, a comprehensive approach to rejuvenation of the entire face and neck in a single surgical session. We have offices in Ft. Meyers, Naples, Bonita Springs, and Cape Coral, FL.

Doctor and staff

Four sisters who have all had Harmonious Rejuvenation with Dr. Flaharty.

What is Harmonious Rejuvenation?

Dr. Flaharty evaluates the aging of the entire face and neck during a consultation. He relies upon his exceptional training and over 20 years of experience to determine which procedures are needed to deliver the best rejuvenation result – not overdone and not under-done. As a board-certified physician with fellowships in both facial plastic surgery and facial cosmetic surgery, he is perfectly suited to provide patients with a refreshed, natural look.

In developing his Harmonious Rejuvenation approach, he realized that his happiest patients were not happy with the way just one area looked, they loved their entire look! In fact, they loved it so much it changed the way they felt inside. They felt younger, happier, more energetic or competitive – in a word – better!

By treating the entire face and neck as one he was able to restore a harmonious youthfulness they could see in the mirror every day. Dr. Flaharty firmly believes that having a single procedure, say a mid-face lift, yet leaving your heavy, hooded brows only draws attention to those aging brows even more.

Harmonious Rejuvenation simply combines all the necessary surgical procedures (and sometimes non-surgical procedures) into a single surgery session. This makes for a single recovery rather than multiple recoveries after ongoing single-procedure surgeries. Also, by combining surgeries, patients can save money on anesthesia and facility fees, and on surgical fees where procedures overlap.

Bottom line? Our eyes, jowls, faces, and necks age as one. Harmonious Rejuvenation recognizes this and seeks to rejuvenate everything in one surgery. It gives you a harmonious look with all the components of your face and neck looking the same (younger!) age.


Benefits of Performing Multiple Facial Procedures at Once

Yes, you could opt for separate procedures: a brow lift, eyelid surgery, facelift, neck lift, fat augmentation for volume loss, and laser skin resurfacing. But even if you could do it, that would mean multiple anesthesia fees, facility fees, and surgical fees. And it means multiple recoveries and much more downtime away from your normal life.

Dr. Flaharty often relates Harmonious Rejuvenation to symmetry. He creates symmetry of a younger you from your eyes, brows, face and neck – and harmonizes that with younger looking skin tone and texture.

Candidates For Harmonious Facial Rejuvenation

Not every patient will need every procedure. But that’s where Dr. Flaharty’s 20+ years of performing facial plastic surgery comes into play. During your consultation, he will discuss the area that bothers you most as well as the many other areas that are important to an overall harmonious result. You may think it’s you upper lids, only to find out that it’s your brows. Or perhaps you think you need a lower face lift, only to find you need fat augmentation. A good candidate needs to be open to thinking differently about rejuvenation.

What Is The Goal Of Harmonious Rejuvenation?

The goal of this approach is simple – give patients the best result possible. By creating a Harmonious Rejuvenation, Dr. Flaharty is able to turn back the clock. Not just lift the upper lids or tighten the jaw line – actually turn back the clock. And it all looks so natural because all the components send the same “younger” message. There is no dis-harmony from facial components that no longer fit with each other because one has been lifted and the others have not. There’s also a personal benefit for Dr. Flaharty . . . patients are happier. They have nothing “old” to dwell on and they love their new look, so they’re happy and love that!

Some surgeons might want their patients to come back every year or two to lift one thing or another, but that’s not our approach. We would rather wow you with one wonderful Harmonious Rejuvenation and hope to see you back for HydraFacials!

“Dr. Flaharty is not just a great plastic surgeon, he is a caring individual.

It takes a lot of trust to let someone operate on your face. If something goes wrong you don’t have a lot of recourse. That is why I spent a great deal of time researching and doing my due diligence. When I sat down to talk with Dr. Flaharty, he listened.

He discussed my options. He also explained in great length what I should and should not do. He even held me back when he thought it was not in my best interest. Go figure….. He was right. I am ecstatic with my results. Doc you are great.

Also the staff is great….they are friendly, caring and supportive. I have received facials and some laser treatments and am extremely pleased. Thanks to all.” ~ Debbie M.

How Long Does it Take to Recover from Harmonious Rejuvenation Treatment?

Every Harmonious Rejuvenation may look slightly different. This process is a holistic approach that recognizes the ways in which adjacent areas affect one another. That said, we can discuss the benefits of combining plastic surgery procedures. On average, facial plastic surgery procedures incur about 10 to 14 days of recovery time before you can return to work and light activity. When we combine them, we maximize the effects of each without extending that downtime. When you visit Azul Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa, you will receive the detailed information you need to understand the exact procedures that will help you reclaim your youthful appearance and what each can accomplish. Additionally, Dr. Flaharty will prepare you for your recovery period in terms of how much time you should set aside for healing.

What Age is Best for Harmonious Rejuvenation?

The “old school” way of thinking was to seek facial rejuvenation once the signs of aging were “bad enough” to need correction. This is no longer the case. Dr. Flaharty consults with adults in their forties and in their seventies about Harmonious Rejuvenation. If we were to say there is a Best Age for this treatment, it might be when there is still some elasticity to the skin. People are getting facelifts and other facial rejuvenation procedures earlier today than they did just 15 years ago, and, according to studies, they enjoy enduring results. The advances that have been made in surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques have elevated the results that can be achieved at any age. The bottom line is this: if you are not feeling your best because of the signs of aging that affect your facial aesthetic, seek more information. Dr. Flaharty provides informative, compassionate care in our Florida offices. Contact us today to schedule your visit!

What is the Difference Between a Mini Facelift and Harmonious Rejuvenation?

If you were to schedule a mini facelift, you could look forward to fewer wrinkles on the lower face and more definition along your jawline. Chances are you would be quite satisfied with your surgical outcome! That said, the jawline is not the only region of the face affected by the loss of volume and tissue laxity. After some time of getting used to the effects of a mini facelift, you may notice downward-slanted creases at the outer corners of your eyes. You may see that your cheeks lack the contours that accentuate the mid-face, or that the skin at the front of your neck is very thin and crepe-like. Harmonious Rejuvenation is a treatment that Dr. Flaharty developed to prevent this from happening. Often, when people seek plastic surgery, they are focused on a specific area or concern. But that area or concern plays into others, so its correction is likely to result in the pronounced appearance of adjacent areas.

Harmonious rejuvenation is a whole-face approach to rejuvenation. It is completely personalized to your signs of facial aging, so results in the best version of yourself!

How Long Does Harmonious Rejuvenation Last?

There are several factors that influence facial aging. These include your inherited genetic makeup, which is beyond your control. It also includes a variety of controllable factors such as stress, sun protection, nutrition, and sleep. In general, comprehensive facial rejuvenation is expected to last 10 to 15 years before the effects of aging are once again unmistakable. At Azul Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa, we have several ways to prevent accelerated aging, and we are more than happy to devise a treatment plan to help you manage the outcome of your Harmonious Rejuvenation treatment! Often, all that is necessary is good skin care, sun protection with a broad-spectrum sunscreen (and a great hat), and periodic non-surgical treatments that facilitate cellular turnover and stimulate ongoing collagen production. With our help, the results of your Harmonious Rejuvenation can last many satisfying years.

How Cost-effective Is Harmonious Facial Rejuvenation?

As mentioned above, there are financial savings by combining multiple procedures into a single session:

  • Anesthesia is required only for a single session
  • Facility fees are charged only for a single session
  • Surgical fees can be less as procedures can overlap

Physically, there are also savings, so to speak. Yes, having the majority of your face and neck addressed will create a more difficult recovery than a single procedure would involve. But that’s also the beauty — it is only a single recovery although you had multiple procedures. One recovery and your entire face and neck will be fully rejuvenated.

Deciding What’s Right For You . . .

The first step is a complimentary consultation with Dr. Flaharty. We won’t pressure you. We believe happy patients have surgery with us because they want to, not because they were pressured into it. See what your options are and how they fit into your timeline, budget and recovery plan. You’ll feel a lot more confident once you know your options and start making a plan. Call {tel} for a consultation. We proudly serve patients in Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Naples, and surrounding areas in Florida.

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