Four Sisters, One Choice

Having performed over 20,000 facial procedures, Dr. Patrick Flaharty has years of experience as a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon. He has performed numerous procedures including facelifts, eyelid surgery, and CO2 laser resurfacing for patients all around the Fort Myers area and beyond!

For the first time ever, four sisters came into Dr. Flaharty’s office with wishes to get facelifts together. Learn more below about the four sisters that put their trust in Dr. Flaharty’s hands for facial rejuvenation and the remarkable results.

four sisters, one choice

“There are so many emotions that go through your mind when you realize the enormity of it,” says Dr. Flaharty. “The weight of their trust, the excitement, the flutter of anticipation. I knew that these four women were placing their hopes, literally, in my hands. It was humbling and thrilling at the same time knowing what I could do for them and how happy they would be.”

Meet the Four Sisters

Colette, Terry, Sharon, and Connie grew up in a tight-knit family of seven children, raised in Illinois. Between the ages of 58-69, the sisters always stayed close and met at least once a year for a sisters’ vacation. Recently, each sister had been thinking about “having something done”.


Colette was ready to make a change when people were asking her if she was tired, which she took to mean, “You look tired . . . old and tired.” She wanted her young self back again. She did not feel old and tired and wanted that to be seen by others.




Terry was bothered by her neck after losing a lot of weight. She found herself craning forward to minimize her sagging neck skin and move the focus up to her beautiful face and eyes.




Sharon felt she was just going to have to accept looking a bit tired and dull. But, when her sister Connie started getting serious about plastic surgery, Sharon thought, “Well, maybe I should do this!” A slim and active local, she wanted to look on the outside the way she felt on the inside.




Connie couldn’t get used to the person she saw in the mirror and in pictures. She felt so much better than that person looked. She decided to do something about it before she got used to that person in the mirror who she thought didn’t look so good.



How They Chose Dr. Flaharty

Sharon was the first one to start searching for a local plastic surgeon. That’s when she remembered a conversation with a friend who had flown down for a visit a few years ago. Her friend had been seated next to a plastic surgeon – Dr. Patrick Flaharty – on the airplane.

“I remember she told me how impressed she was with him and that if I ever did anything like that in the future, I had to give him a call. So, I did. Once Terry knew that I had scheduled a consultation with him, she wanted one too. Dr. Flaharty’s office was able to get us both in with back-to-back appointments so Terry flew down and we went together. Afterwards, we scheduled our surgeries a few days apart. Terry took care of me and three days later I took care of her. We were texting pictures to Connie and Colette on the way home from the surgery center!”

After seeing pictures and hearing about the easy recovery process, Colette was ready to be the next sister to fly to Florida for a Facelift by Dr. Flaharty. She’d heard that he is a great doctor and was impressed with her online research. At that point, Colette said, “The decision was a no brainer.” One month later, she was sharing her own post-operation pictures with her three sisters. Connie was the last sister to make her decision. She and her husband were still discussing concerns over surgical risks and not looking stretched or pulled-tight. Knowing that Dr. Flaharty uses IV sedation rather than general anesthesia and hearing how well Terry and Sharon felt post-operatively allayed his concerns. Finally, Connie scheduled her consultation as a phone interview and followed shortly with an in-person consultation and surgical procedure. Knowing her husband’s original concerns, she was especially relieved when he saw her results and said, “Holy smokes! Maybe I should get that done too!”


Remarkable Results

“I love seeing these four sisters together. They are so happy and their joy from looking younger and more vital is just infectious.”

Each of the sisters seems to have a personal perspective on their new look. It might be a husband’s comment about being beautiful, or a friend asking if it’s a new hairstyle, or kids that think you look fantastic. But, to a person, most importantly, each woman feels happier, more energetic, younger, perkier, and attractive again. They each have said, in one way or another, “I feel great – now I look on the outside the way I feel on the inside.” How can that be anything other than wonderful?

four sisters

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