IV Drip Therapy

A nourished body looks great at all times, your skin glows, your hair looks healthy, and your nails look their best. A deficiency of certain nutrients can leave you looking and feeling dull and tired, so taking a supplement can be necessary. IV Drip Therapy is the fastest way to bring these nutrients into your body, bypassing your gut barrier. At Azul® Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa, patients can receive IV Drip Therapy at our Wellness Center, improving their health levels from within.

Candidates and Indications

If you have a vitamin deficiency or lower immunity, then you may be a good candidate for IV Drip Therapy. In terms of wellness and aesthetics, you might benefit from IV drips when you are looking to offer a beautiful, lasting glow to your skin. The procedure can be used in combination with other treatments like peels and laser, prolonging the results as the skin is nourished from within.

During your initial appointment, our providers will determine what nutrients you are lacking to create a custom “cocktail” for you. Everyone has different needs, so the practitioners will ensure you don’t get a higher dose of a nutrient you do not need. If you feel general fatigue and weakness that takes the shine off your face, IV Drip Therapy might be an effective treatment.

It is recommended that women who are pregnant wait until their term is over. Patients under 18 should also wait until they come of age. A consultation is necessary to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for the procedure. Caution is also advised if you have asthma or diabetes. That said, some modifications to the IV solution can offer a safe treatment for everyone.

How It Works

IV Drip Therapy is a procedure where a mixture of minerals, vitamins, and fluids (saline solution) is delivered directly into your bloodstream. An IV cannula is inserted into your vein, which is connected to an IV bag with the formula you need. This way, the nutrients can bypass your digestive system, going directly into your bloodstream and preventing their loss.

Once the IV is attached, patients must wait an average of 30 to 60 minutes for the formula to “drip” into their bloodstream. Our providers can offer facials and other beauty treatments during this time should you want to get a procedure done during the wellness session. IV drips are often recommended when you wish to improve the results of a treatment, offering a sensation of wellness and nourishing you from within.


As IV Drip Therapy is a minimally invasive wellness treatment, there should not be too many troubles with the recovery. Patients may notice some bruising in the area where the cannula was inserted, along with some slight swelling, but those side effects often subside within a couple of days.

Most patients feel refreshed after receiving the treatment. However, depending on your lifestyle, you might be sent into a state of detox where your body will try to get rid of all of the toxins. This includes headaches, muscle sensitivity, and other flu-like symptoms, which are temporary. While rare, the detox stage should be over in one to three days.


Most patients can see the first results within a few hours after the procedure. The saline solution will immediately hydrate you, which is beneficial if you frequently experience dehydration and fatigue. You should feel more energetic, and your skin will reveal a glow that you did not have before.

The vitamins and minerals will take slightly longer to be absorbed in the body and take effect, so the results of the nutrient supplements will not show immediately. It might take up to a few days for you to see or notice improvements as the nutrients are distributed into different body regions. Within a week, you might start feeling more energetic, and your skin quality should also be improved.

The results often last about two to three weeks, during which your body will use the nutrients. Once the resources are depleted, you will return to your original state before you received the treatment. To make the most of the results, it is important that you consume healthy foods and drink plenty of liquids. To keep the effects going, schedule regular IV drip sessions with Azul to maintain a proper nutrient level.

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