Weight Loss Injections


Excessive weight is something that affects many people all over the world. In some cases, weight loss cannot be achieved through traditional means like dieting or exercise, which leads to various health conditions that can affect a person’s lifestyle. In this case, weight loss injections can be a good solution as they allow the affected individuals to reach their goals faster. At Azul® Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa, patients can opt for weight loss injections to help enhance their weight loss journey.


Ideal candidates for weight loss injections are individuals with a BMI of 27 or higher, who have at least one weight-related medical condition. This can include diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, high cholesterol, and more. Patients with a BMI over 30 can also opt for the treatment, even if they do not have a skin condition associated with weight.
Most patients who have taken semaglutide are those who have tried dieting and exercising but failed to see their desired results. Individuals undertaking the treatment should have realistic expectations and know that the results often depend on their lifestyle.

Weight loss injections may not be recommended if you have a history of medullary thyroid cancer or type 2 multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome. Those who have had gallbladder disease in the past, along with a history of pancreatitis, should also be cautious or avoid the treatment altogether. A consultation with Azul® Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa professionals will determine whether or not you are a good candidate for the injections.

How Weight Loss Injections Work

Weight loss injections are usually semaglutide treatments that help curb one’s appetite and reduce food intake, aiding the weight loss process. Once injected, the solution mimics the GLP1 hormone, which is naturally released in your gut when you consume food. This hormone usually tells your body that you are full, therefore, reducing your food intake.

GLP1 also prompts your body to produce more insulin, which can reduce your glucose levels. This is one of the reasons why semaglutide has been used to treat diabetes for more than a decade before it was also approved for weight loss. Weight loss injections can also keep the food in your stomach for a longer time, reducing your cravings and allowing you to feel full for more hours.

Weight loss injections can be used with or without dieting, as they will still lead to some weight loss. However, a healthy, controlled diet can improve your results, increasing the efficiency of the semaglutide treatment. The injections are administered once a week under the care of an Azul® Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa professional.


As weight loss injections are non-surgical, there is minimal potential downtime to expect after receiving the treatment. Most patients notice some redness and slight swelling at the point where the needle punctured the skin, but the effects should fade by the next day. Other side effects are associated with the substance injected, which is normal as the body becomes accustomed to it.

Some common side effects include nausea and even vomiting in the first few days, followed by other digestive issues. Headaches, as well as constipation and bloating, are also very common when undergoing weight loss injections. Most of these side effects should resolve within a few weeks as your body adjusts to the substance. If they don’t, our Azul® Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa providers can change the dosage upon need.

To reduce the intensity of the side effects, it is recommended to consume small, light meals that have a low fat intake. Meals should be eaten three to four hours before lying down to prevent indigestion and reflux. Drink plenty of liquids, as the treatment draws more water from the food, potentially leading to constipation.


The effects can differ from one person to the other, depending on their metabolism and starting weight. The semaglutide treatment will usually take effect within one week, with the first results becoming noticeable about two weeks in. Once the weight starts decreasing, you can expect to see results for as long as you take the treatment.
Most patients can lose around one pound per week, meaning they should lose about eight pounds in about eight weeks. The results will continue improving across the six months that are usually recommended for the treatment. To make the most of your results, it is recommended that you accompany the weight loss injections with a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine.

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