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As one of the leading facial plastic surgeons in the Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, FL area, Dr. Patrick Flaharty is always willing to share his expertise when asked by media outlets. Dr. Flaharty has served Southwest Florida residents for more than 20 years and is well-known in the medical community. He’s published a comprehensive guide to facial rejuvenation, Look Younger Now, and is also an authority on non-surgical anti-aging treatments such as the liquid facelift.

Dr. Flaharty treats patients at his clinics in Bonita Springs, Fort Myers and Naples. If you’re considering facial plastic surgery, or non-surgical facial rejuvenation, Request a consultation using our convenient online form, or call our office at {tel}.

Azul Skin Health Products

December 17, 2020 – Skincare Aficionados Rejoice!

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Azul’s most transformative skin treatment system to fight the signs of aging, and restore skin to its former beauty is now easier to obtain in our offices and online at! We’re proud to be voted your top choice in skincare, by skincare aficionados everywhere, on OFF THE MRKT! Our goal is to always be the gold-standard in anti-aging skincare.



December 16th, 2020 – Cleansing Oils Are Taking Over the Beauty Industry!azul skin health radiance cleansing oil review

Azul skin health products continue to wow critics – and of all ages – with our newest development in cleansing oils that thoroughly remove oil, dirt, and makeup without striping your skin of its natural oils!

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November 17, 2020 – Beauty Bloggers Are Head Over Heels for Azul Skincare Products!

Take a look at what beauty blogger Carla Snuggs has to say about our Botanical Home Facial Kit in her Posh Beauty Blog.

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Get insider perspective on our new Azul Lip Kit! Our Lip Kit contains four newly formulated products that will keep your lips plumped, hydrated, exfoliated, and restored.

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July 15, 2020 — Azul Blue Diamond “Hand Mask” Featured in Consumer Health Market

During COVID 19, Azul Skin health saw a high demand for hand sanitizers as an opportunity to extend its skin care line. With all of the excessive handwashing and over-sanitizing we’re doing these days, the delicate skin on our hands is really taking a beating! This hand mask contains three of the most moisturizing ingredients on the market! These active ingredients work together to leave you with silky, smooth, moisturized skin immediately after applying. Read more here.

Top Facial Plastic Surgeon Releases Book for Baby Boomer Women on How to Look Young Again

NEW YORK, November 30, 2017  — According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in just the last two decades, the number of cosmetic procedures performed on patients over the age of 65 has increased by a whopping 1,263%. Dubbed the “Me Generation” by writer Tom Wolfe, Baby Boomers have always had a soft spot for self-expression. They were the flower children of the 60s, the disco dancers of the 70s, the big hair and fast cars of the 80s, and the responsible adults of the 90s and 00s. Now aged 55 to 75, Baby Boomers are more keen than ever to live life on their own terms, and for many that means maintaining their youthful spirit and looks through diet, yoga and exercise, clean living… and regular trips to their favorite cosmetic surgeon…. Continue Reading »

TV Appearances

Dr. Flaharty is frequently asked to appear before regional media to share his expertise on aging, health, beauty, and cosmetic surgery. Here, you can review some of his recent television appearances and learn his thoughts on popular treatments in the industry. Click to watch the videos below.

October 25, 2020 — Dr. Patrick Flaharty speaks about the the HydraFacial MD! A combination of deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and anti-oxidant delivery simultaneously in a patented four-step process.

The HydraFacial is one of the most effective and technologically advanced facials on the market today; it’s an all-time favorite for women and men who want to maintain a rosy glow. And now, Azul has taken this unique facial to the next level. We offer custom HydraFacial treatments! The HydraFacial MD is a key part of our comprehensive approach to skincare at our Fort Myers, Naples, and Bonita Springs locations.


September 30, 2020 — The Eyelid Experts of Southwest Florida, Dr. Flaharty, reveal great procedures that address aging in the eyes – to help us look better and see better.

Dr. Flaharty is featured on Fox4’s The Morning Blend speaking about the spectrum of eyelid surgery and the wide range of conditions that are common in Azul patients. These conditions include sagging skin on both the upper and lower eyelids that block our peripheral vision, tearing of the eyes, and ichy, burning eyes. If you are having related issues, please call for a free consultation at 239-415-7576 and speak to the doctors about what goals you have for the procedure. We have offices in Fort Myers, Naples and Bonita Springs.

September 23, 2020 — The biggest breakthrough in light-based technology, the BBL HERO (High Energy Rapid Output).

Dr. Flaharty is featured on Fox4’s The Morning Blend speaking about to the biggest breakthrough in light-based technology, the BBL HERO (High Energy Rapid Output). HERO blasts away unflattering beauty marks, scars, discoloration, and acne in faster treatments. This technology uses a gentle gliding handheld device that provides comfort and reliability. We could now effectively treat all body areas including neck, chest, arms, legs, back and anywhere you get sun damaged skin quickly, safely and comfortably. Call for a free consultation in our Bonita Springs, Fort Myers or Naples office. 239-415-7576

Radio Appearances

Look and Feel Your Best: Dr. Flaharty Joins Host Gina Burch Every Saturday

media fox news dr flahartyFox 92.5 radio station personality Gina Burch hosts a weekly program, Look and Feel Your Best, designed for listeners who exercise, eat well, and maintain their health, and who want to look as young as they feel. Dr. Flarharty is a featured guest each week. Check out the following segments:

Liquid Facelifts and Other Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Options
On the first episode of Look and Feel Your Best, listen for timely advice about the latest non-surgical procedures, including the liquid facelift, which combines fillers and neurotoxins such as BOTOX® Cosmetic to produce dramatic results without the cost or downtime associated with surgical procedures. Dr. Flaharty discusses breakthrough treatments and helps listeners understand why looking younger isn’t just about stretching the skin tight.

The Key to Looking Rested and Youthful: Eyelid Rejuvenation
Aging often shows up first around the eyes. In this episode of Look and Feel Your Best, Dr. Flaharty speaks with host Gina Burch about ways men and women can rejuvenate this area. The discussion ranges from eyelid surgery to correct droopy and puffy eyelids to non-surgical procedures such as a mild chemical peel to improve the appearance of lower eyelids. And Gina learns that BOTOX® Cosmetic isn’t only for forehead wrinkles; injections can minimize crow’s feet, as well.

How Lasers Transformed Facial Rejuvenation
State-of-the-art laser skin rejuvenation accomplishes much more than the elimination of blemishes. In the correct hands, cosmetic lasers can greatly diminish wrinkles and lines and erase years from a person’s appearance. On this episode of Look and Feel Your Best, Dr. Flaharty describes for host Gina Burch how improvements in laser systems over the past 15 years are yielding better results than ever. And he discusses the exciting non-ablative fractional lasers that can make dramatic changes with no downtime.

Facial Plastic Surgery Without Looking Like You’ve ‘Had Work Done’
Even though fillers, BOTOX injections, and other non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments are recommended whenever possible, facial plastic surgery remains the best way to get long-term results. But, as Dr. Flaharty discusses in this episode of Look and Feel Your Best with host Gina Burch, it’s important to find a qualified, experienced facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Flaharty talks about the importance of excellent technique and why replacing lost volume — preferably through fat grafting — is the key to great results.

CoolSculpting®: Freeze Away the Fat With No Downtime
Although most of Dr. Flaharty’s practice is devoted to facial rejuvenation, he also offers non-surgical body contouring. On this episode of Look and Feel Your Best, Dr. Flaharty talks about CoolSculpting, a breakthrough fat-fighting treatment that is ideal for patients looking to tone their abs or get rid of love handles. He discusses how CoolSculpting works and the similarities and differences between the procedure and liposuction.


What Makes Azul Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa a Good Neighbor…with Host Charlie McDermott

Dr. Flaharty talks about the latest techniques in Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation, debunking the myths regarding facelifts and how he got into cosmetic surgery.  If you’re looking to enhance your facial features, have body contouring treatments, or erase some of the signs of aging, Azul Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa will not only meet, but exceed, your expectations.


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