Do You Know the Difference Between Botox and Dysport?

You know how, when you find just the right product, that’s the only one you want from there on out?

But brand loyalty is a funny thing. Often times, people can’t really say why they prefer one brand over another, they just know they do. If you have two comparable products, chances are that people have very strong opinions about which one is better, even if they offer similar results.

Well, it’s the same with Botox and Dysport. Asking about the difference between them is kind of like asking about the difference between Pepsi and Coke, or PC and Apple. These products technically do the same things, but they go about it in slightly different fashions. That’s the way it is with Botox and Dysport. Both can give you fantastic cosmetic results, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, but one might be a better option than the other, depending on the exact results you are looking for.

Botox and Dysport

Botox and Dysport are both injectables that are designed to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the eyes and forehead. They are both neurotoxins (don’t worry – that sounds scarier than it actually is), in the form of botulinum toxin type A. In other words, they are basically a cosmetic form of a very diluted toxin, that relaxes the small muscles that cause those wrinkles to form.

One of the major causes of wrinkles is repetitive action of those tiny muscles in the face that are in constant motion (without our conscious thought). The lines on our forehead tend to form because we raise our eyebrows. Crow’s feet form because we squint. And of course, we know how frown-lines are formed! Trying to stop ourselves from doing these completely natural, unconscious actions is nearly impossible, and thus the skin above these small muscles forms wrinkles because of their constant contraction.

By injecting Botox or Dysport into these tiny muscles, we can temporarily relax them, so the muscle no longer contracts. Once these muscles relax and stop contracting – or contracting so hard, the appearance of the small wrinkles above the muscles starts to fade taking years off your appearance. When combined with a complementary procedure like dermal fillers, your results can be even more remarkable!

The results of both Botox and Dysport are temporary, because your body will repair the function of those small muscles. After three to six months, those muscles will be back in action, and your crow’s feet and worry lines will start to return. A touch-up treatment every few months is quick and easy, and will keep your face looking younger and your skin looking healthier!

So What’s the Difference?

One difference between these two products is the way Botox and Dysport are formulated. Although they both use botulinum toxin type A as the active ingredient, the molecule size of Dysport is a bit smaller. This allows Dysport to spread more quickly and work faster than Botox. This sounds great, but it isn’t always what we want. Depending on the area that we are treating, we might want to use the more targeted effects of Botox rather than the more “spread out” effects of Dysport.

Other differences are still being studied. Although both products have proven to be incredibly safe treatments, Dysport hasn’t been on the US market as long as Botox has, and there is some debate over things like which one has longer-lasting results, and whether Dysport treatments require more of the product to be used.

One of the great things about receiving your Botox or Dysport at Azul, is that we charge by the area, not by the unit. That means you are not faced with purchasing the number of units you can afford. Instead Dr. Flaharty and our Master Injectors focus on which product will work best for you in the area to be targeted. Sometimes that may be Botox and sometimes that may be Dysport. And as you age, you will likely need more product, rather than less, making our pricing structure an even better deal – even if you were to ignore the level of skill and experience you receive at Azul.

All of this helps explain why it is so incredibly important that you work with highly experienced and well-trained injector like Dr. Flaharty or our Master Injectors like me – all of us were specialty-trained by Dr. Flaharty. Knowing all of this, you can see that a lower priced service is not really the same service. You never know the dilution of the product being used, or the skill and consistency of the provider. You hear horror stories of Botox gone wrong, and this is often because people are getting their treatments from providers who really just don’t know what they are doing.

At Azul, Dr. Flaharty rigorously trains every Master Injector hired to make sure that every single Botox or Dysport treatment reaches his very, very high standards. When you come to Azul, you can be sure that you will only get the highest quality treatment from our Master Injectors, including myself. Believe me, we know exactly what we are doing!

So, in the end, what’s the difference between Botox and Dysport? It all depends on the results that you want. This is one of the reasons we consider the consultation so very important. We take the time to get to know you, and learn about the exact results that you are looking for, in order to provide you with the treatments and procedures that will deliver them. That’s why we offer free consultations with Dr. Flaharty and the Master Injectors like me, to make sure that you know exactly what you can expect from your chosen cosmetic procedures. We will explain anything, answering all of your questions and maybe provide you with cosmetic solutions that you didn’t even know existed!

If you’d like to check out Botox and Dysport, or any of the other amazing treatments that our Medical Spa, and our surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures can offer, you can visit us at And if you’d like to book one of those free consultations, give our office a call at (239) 747-1148. Sure, there are lots of comparable brands out there, like Nike and Reebok, or McDonald’s and Burger King, but there is only one Azul!

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