Why We Love the Azul Blue Diamond Growth Factor Renewal Cream

by LisaAzul-BD-GrowFac-Ren-Cream_Box-2

One of the problems with buying new skincare products is that you’re never quite sure of the quality you will be getting. Sure, it may say “natural” or “premium” on the bottle, or come in shiny packaging that makes it look enticing, but there is really no way of knowing how effective it is unless you look a little closer at the ingredients, understand where it is manufactured and then actually take it home and start using it.

The reality is that the vast majority of skincare creams are completely ineffective. Sometimes their formulations weren’t ever effective in the first place (have you ever noticed how the big makeup companies always come out with “new and improved” formulations?) Sometimes the products were manufactured in a facility that didn’t have strict quality control, or the packaging wasn’t airtight and the ingredients were exposed to heat, air and light, and degraded over time. The alarming secret of the billion-dollar cosmetic companies is that very, very few of their creams produce any scientific improvements in the texture and tone of our skin at all.

Enter Dr. Kristen Flaharty – Doctor of Pharmacy and Dr. Patrick Flaharty’s wife. In 2014 Dr. Kristen founded Trilogy Laboratories after purchasing a small, custom skincare manufacturing facility based right here in Fort Myers, Florida. Firmly based on science and providing measurable results, both Drs. Flaharty worked together to come up with their own anti-aging skincare formulations specifically made to treat to mature and sun-damaged skin, relaunching and expanding the Azul Blue Diamond and Azul Medical Lines.

Within the Blue Diamond Line, the star product is our Growth Factor Renewal Cream, one of the highest quality medical-grade skincare creams available today.

But what is a growth factor, and what’s so special about our Blue Diamond Growth Factor Cream? Let me explain! Growth factors are naturally occurring large protein molecules that are made by our own skin cells to help regenerate and renew our skin. Unfortunately, as we get older, our body produces less of these growth factors, resulting in slower skin renewal. That’s why including growth factors in a skin cream is a game changer. By using the Azul Blue Diamond Growth Factor Renewal Cream, you can accelerate your cell renewal, reduce wrinkles, produce new collagen and speed up the skin renewal process.

But here’s why the Azul Blue Diamond Growth Factor Renewal Cream is really exceptional. It also contains a bio-engineered energy source that helps our body stimulate collagen and elastin, resulting in what we call the “needless filler”.  In addition, it has ingredients that act as exfoliators to cleanse your pores and strip away dead skin cells, in essence, giving the growth factors better space to work! It includes powerful antioxidant ingredients like spin traps (that help protect your skin from free radicals) and an ingredient called N-tert-butyl-alpha-phenylnitrone (PBN) that stops inflammation by inhibiting the protein complexes that cause it. And don’t forget that our Growth Factor Renewal Cream is a highly effective moisturizer. These are a lot of benefits for a single skin cream!

Dr. Kristen and Trilogy Laboratories produce this skin cream only in small batches, right here in Fort Myers. It is incredibly easy to incorporate into your daily skincare regimen (working with any skin type, for any age), but it’s especially great for sun-damaged and mature skin which has slowed down production of natural growth factors.

We’ve made no secret about our enthusiasm for the products that come out of Trilogy Laboratories, but we truly believe that the Azul Blue Diamond Growth Factor Renewal Cream is something special. The next time you are visiting the Azul Medical Spa, we hope you will decide to give the cutting edge of skincare a try!

You can learn more about Azul Blue Diamond products and Trilogy Laboratories at the Trilogy website, and if you’d like to learn more about the Azul Medical Spa, please visit www.azulbeauty.com, or give the office a call at (239) 415-7576.

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