Want to Increase Your Profile? Try a Chin/Cheek Enhancement!

By Dr. Patrick Flaharty

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in more than 20 years practicing as a cosmetic surgeon, it’s that technology never stands still. Whether it be brand-new surgical procedures and techniques that can give patients better cosmetic results, or cutting-edge skincare products like the ones that come out of Trilogy Laboratories, it is vitally important that cosmetic surgeons keep up with the times and offer their patients the best procedures out there today.

One area where things have changed in recent years is in Chin and Cheek Enhancements. Back when I was first starting out, if someone wanted to fill in their cheeks or have a more prominent jaw, there was one surefire solution: surgical implants. We would place a permanent silicone implant to help fill out a weak profile or replace lost facial volume. Although extremely effective, these were still invasive procedures that required downtime for recovery.

Today, the cosmetic surgery industry has begun to move away from permanent implants toward semi-permanent injectable fillers and fat that allow us to restore lost facial volume, fill in dark areas under the eyes, and augment frown lines and depressions along the jaw.

Cheek Enhancement

As I said above, most cheek enhancements are performed today using semi-permanent injectable fillers to fill out dark spaces beneath the eyes and lift the cheeks. Although injectable fillers are not permanent, your results can last a year or two before they begin to fade, at which time you can come back to Azul and get a “refresher” filler. Injectable fillers are safe, effective and made from materials that are naturally reabsorbed by the body. The procedure is quick, easy, and, unlike with surgical implants, has no associated downtime.  Although we offer permanent silicone cheek implants for selected patients who need more volume and are looking for a more permanent correction, most patients are very satisfied with the injectable fillers so permanent cheek implants have become much less common.

Chin Enhancement

Just like cheek enhancements, here you have a choice between semi-permanent injectable fillers and permanent silicone implants to augment your chin. But unlike cheek enhancements, implants might be the better choice if you want a stronger jaw or correction of a true chin recession.

If you wish to correct the effects of aging, such as a loss of volume along your jaw resulting in frown lines and depressions, I would recommend injectable fillers as your best option. As I said above, fillers are not permanent, but can last several years, have no associated downtime, and can be replaced when necessary. Fillers can also augment your chin area, but not to the same extent as surgical implants.

A surgical chin implant is made from silicone that is form-fitted directly to your chin bone and placed through a small incision in the natural crease under the chin. Chin implants are incredibly effective at correcting a weak chin, building up a receding chin, creating a better balance of facial features, or simply strengthening your jawline. They are permanent, so once they are implanted, you don’t have to worry about them again. I feel the real magic of chin implants is when the procedure is combined with a neck and facelift. These procedures, which can be done at the same time, will not only improve your jawline but also your neck profile, leaving you with a longer, leaner neck and a more harmonious rejuvenation.

No matter which route you choose (implants or injectable fillers), a cheek and chin enhancement can be an excellent way to improve your profile and strengthen the “character” of your face. They can be used to offset a prominent nose or to strengthen your jawline. When combined with a facelift and neck lift, the results of a chin implant can be even more impressive, as you will also have a longer, leaner neck profile. A cheek and chin enhancement can be an essential part of a harmonious rejuvenation, leaving you with a physical profile that will be remembered!

If you’d like to learn more about Cheek and Chin Enhancements, or any of our other surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, please visit us at www.azulbeauty.com. If you would like to book a free consultation with me to discuss what method of cheek and chin enhancement would be best for you, and what other procedures might complement it, please give us a call at (239) 415-7576. I look forward to starting you on the journey toward a fully harmonious facial rejuvenation.

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