The Best Facial for Sensitive Skin – HydraFacial MD

By Lisa

When you really boil down many of our cosmetic skin treatments at the Azul Medical Spa, they really amount to giving some “tough love” to the skin.

Procedures such as microneedling and microdermabrasion essentially inflict intentional but superficial damage to the skin, to kick your body’s natural healing mechanisms into action. With microneedling, the skin is intentionally injured at a specific depth, causing the body to create new collagen, smoothing the skin while reducing wrinkles. With microdermabrasion, we are essentially buffing off the very top layer of your skin, along with all of the dead cells and debris found there, to reveal the tighter, healthier skin underneath. Both of these procedures can be incredibly effective, but they can be a bit hard on your skin.

So, what if you have super-sensitive skin? Does that mean all the cosmetic procedures at Azul are unavailable to you? Not at all. In fact, one of our most popular skincare treatments is absolutely perfect for sensitive skin: the HydraFacial MD. The HydraFacial MD is a facial treatment that is gentle on the skin, without the redness or irritation that can accompany other similar treatments and of course can be customized for you.

What Is Sensitive Skin?

Having sensitive skin can mean different things to different people.

For some people, running their nails lightly over top of the skin will leave red trails that can take hours to fade. If you’ve done this before, chances are that you have sensitive skin. People with easily marked skin might also have to deal with regular skin flushing or redness, without there being any noticeable reason for it.

Other people with sensitive skin might have a variety of environmental sensitivities, and exposure to certain chemical triggers might cause skin bumps, heavy redness or even a bad rash. This is called contact dermatitis, and is completely normal. It just means that you need to be a little more careful about what comes in contact with your skin.

Finally, some people with sensitive skin have to deal with regular dryness, with occasional flaking. In this sense, the skin is unable to properly hydrate, no matter how much water you try to drink over the course of a day.

HydraFacial MD

One of the reasons the HydraFacial MD is so incredibly popular is because it is very customizable. Every step of the treatment can be altered, depending on your skin type and needs. For those with less sensitive skin, perhaps a strong acid peel might be in order. If you have sensitive skin, we might use a much lighter peel or even skip that step entirely. Prior to treatment, we will have a conversation about your skin where we can determine how to make the HydraFacial MD perfect for your needs.

The HydraFacial MD is made up of four parts:

  1. Cleaning and Exfoliation

The first part of the HydraFacial MD involves removing any dead cells or other debris from the surface of the skin. Using a specialized spiral tool, we gently exfoliate and clean the skin, leaving it smooth and ready for the next steps. This spiral tool is incredibly customizable, meaning we can use it at whatever intensity that is specific to your sensitive skin.

  1. Acid Peel

Next up is the acid peel that we mentioned above. Unlike many stronger peels, the glycolic acid peel shouldn’t feel like anything more than a gentle tingle. But, again, if you have sensitive skin, we can use less of the acid, or even avoid this step altogether.

  1. Extractions

This is the fun part of the HydraFacial MD. I think there is a little part of all of us that enjoys removing blackheads and other imperfections from our skin. With the HydraFacial MD we avoid any skin damage using a special vortex vacuum tool to essentially vacuum out out the imperfections, which is far more gentle than physically extracting them with manual tools. Sometimes though, we still have some gunk to remove manually, but at least it’s easier after having used the vacuum tool.

  1. Hydration

If you suffer from dry, sensitive skin, then this might be your favorite part of the HydraFacial MD. Using the same vortex tool, but with a different nozzle, we infuse your skin with a variety of hydrating serums, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and other skincare products. We can tailor this hydration infusion based on the products that you know your skin handles well. If there is anything that you know causes any type of skin reaction, we simply don’t use it. Remember, the HydraFacial MD is customized to you!

To learn more about the HydraFacial MD, or about any other skin treatments for sensitive skin, or you’d like to book a free consultation with Dr. Flaharty, please call us at (239) 415-7576. You can also visit our website at to see some of the fantastic results you can get with the HydraFacial MD!

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