Spotlight on Upper Facial Rejuvenation

It’s human nature to look for the fountain of youth. From the moment we see that first big wrinkle or the first sign of a gray hair, we start looking for ways to rejuvenate ourselves. We start exercising more, we start eating better, we start use skin creams to reverse skin and sun damage, in hopes of holding aging at bay.

Thankfully, as aesthetics technology progresses, more and more ways become available to us to reverse the aging process and bring us closer to how we saw ourselves when we were younger.

It’s often in the eyes and forehead that you really start to see signs of aging for the first time in the mirror. The extremely thin skin around the eyes can easily wrinkle, the forehead furrow lines can become deeper, and even your eyelids can start to droop. Although there are some non-surgical procedures that can help mitigate these effects of aging on the upper face (such as Botox and dermal fillers), if you want the gold standard of facial rejuvenation, you are going to want cosmetic surgery. There are two procedures that Dr. Flaharty recommends whenever a long-lasting, natural-looking rejuvenation of the upper face is wanted: an endoscopic brow lift and eyelid surgery.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

The first area of the upper face that we want to focus on is the brow. Deep lines and wrinkles on your forehead can create the appearance of sternness, or even anger. Sagging eyebrows can make you appear tired and lacking in energy. The best way to address these concerns is to do a surgical lift of the brow. But hold on, this isn’t the brow lift of yesterday, where you could end up with a permanently surprised expression! This is a modern endoscopic brow lift.

Dr. Flaharty is an absolute master of a small incision brow lift. Rather than one large incision, he will make four very small incisions along the hairline. Through these incisions, he can release the tissue under the skin, and then lift the entire brow in a minimally invasive way. Once the brow has been properly positioned, the tissue is fixed to the bone using small bio-absorbable sutures. These will be slowly reabsorbed by your body over time, leaving the brow fixed in place. Your results from an endoscopic brow lift are far more long-lasting than the temporary results you can get from Botox or dermal fillers. You will look far more alert, awake and energetic, in a completely natural-looking way.

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Of course, there is more to the upper face than just the forehead. Your eyes are often the first place where you show signs of aging. It starts with small wrinkles around the eyes, but as those wrinkles get more pronounced or the eyelids start to sag, you can begin to look far older than your real age. Bags under the eyes, drooping eyelids… these are signs of aging that can be addressed with eyelid surgery (also known as blepharoplasty). Here, we tighten up the skin around the eyes and get rid of excessive fat deposits.

There are two kinds of blepharoplasty: upper and lower. In upper eyelid surgery, we treat skin laxity and drooping, while in lower eyelid surgery, we treat bulging and puffiness, and wrinkled or redundant skin. Though these are actually two separate surgeries, they are often both done together in the same session, usually in under an hour.

It’s important to know that eyelid surgery alone doesn’t address crow’s feet, dark circles or under-eye hollows. The great news is that there are a number of treatments that can be performed right along with your surgery that can enhance and complement your surgical results – Botox and laser resurfacing can address wrinkled eyelid skin, and dermal fillers or fat transfers are wonderful for filling in those hollows and dark circles.

What About Scarring?

Dr. Flaharty’s expertise with both eyelid surgery and brow lifts means that he knows how to effectively hide any potential scars, leaving nothing visible but your youthful results. With the endoscopic brow lift, the tiny incisions are made along your hairline, effectively hiding any minimal scarring from view. With eyelid surgery, he uses the natural contours of your eyes to hide the incisions. After your recovery, all you will see is a bright, energetic upper face with no scars.

Is There a Recovery Period?

Brow lifts and eyelid surgery are both surgical procedures, and do have associated recovery periods. With both procedures, most patients return to work within about a week, though strenuous activity should be avoided for several weeks.

This recovery period is one of the best reasons to get both of these surgeries at the same time to revitalize your upper face. You will be able to recover from both procedures simultaneously, saving you a great deal of downtime.

When Will I Be Able to See My Results?

After surgery, it can take a few weeks for you to see the full results of your brow lift and eyelid surgery. The tissue needs time to heal, bruising needs to fade, and swelling needs to subside.

One of the best reasons to opt for a surgical upper facial rejuvenation is the long-lasting results. Although a variety of non-surgical techniques can give you good results, they will only be temporary. With these surgical methods, you can expect the results to last up to ten years or longer.

Of course, upper facial rejuvenation is just the beginning of what Dr. Flaharty can offer you. With other facial surgical procedures, like a face and neck lift or a , we can take care of your entire face, rejuvenating and restoring your reflection in the mirror. If you’d like to book a free consultation with Dr. Flaharty to figure out your best path to facial rejuvenation, you can give us a call at (239) 747-1148, or please visit our website at for more information about all of the surgical, non-surgical and medical spa treatments we offer.

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