Red Carpet Fitness Regimes & Body Secrets

Red Carpet Fitness Regimes & Body SecretsWalking down that red carpet on your way to the Academy Awards must be one of the most exciting moments imaginable for a celebrity. It also has got to be one of the most nerve wracking! Imagine walking towards hundreds of reporters and cameras, with every one focused on every possible aspect of you, every angle covered. Celebrities have to be looking their absolutely best to walk the red carpet, and that doesn’t just mean what they are wearing! They need to be in shape, healthy, and glowing. Good nutrition, exercise, and healthy living are, of course, necessities, but a little bit of cosmetic surgery doesn’t hurt!

Hydrafacial HD

When that camera is right in the face of a celebrity, their complexion needs to look flawless. Regular facials are the basis of great skin care and the gold standard for us is the Hydrafacial HD. Its gentle and incredibly effective treatment combines exfoliation and extraction with hydration but doesn’t result in any irritation or redness of skin. The first step is to cleanse and exfoliate your skin, getting rid of any build-up of dead cells. Dirt and impurities that remain are loosened with a gentle acid peel. We then extract impurities and unclog your pores using a painless, suction device. After that, it is time for the “Hydra” part of the facial, with a special serum of antioxidants and hyaluronic acid that hydrates your skin. After a Hydrafacial HD, winkles will be reduced, your skin will be radiant, and you will be ready for a close-up with any reporter!


Celebrities, like everyone else, know exactly how hard it can be to get rid of stubborn fat deposits. No matter how hard or long you work out, they just seem to remain. Obviously, this can be a huge problem when walking the carpet in clothes that can only be described as “snug.” Thankfully, CoolSculpting delivers an entirely new and noninvasive way of getting rid of those trouble areas! Fat cells are more vulnerable to cold than any other kind of cells. Therefore, by delivering targeted cold to difficult areas, we can damage the fat cells without hurting your skin. After the treatment, the damaged fat cells will be naturally metabolized by your body and the fat will literally vanish over the course of a few weeks! Of course, then the challenge is to eat right and exercise to make sure those fat deposits don’t return!

Infini RF

Facials can work wonders, but sometimes the problem is below the surface of the skin. Some celebrities, despite being in their 50s, can magically still look like they are in the mid-30s with tight, healthy looking skin in their neck and jawline. Infini RF is our newest cutting-edge treatment for sagging, aging skin. High levels of heat can stimulate new collagen growth, but the problem always was that the heat required would also burn the skin. Infini RF gets around that by using tiny insulated microneedles to puncture through the top layer of skin. Radiofrequency energy is then transmitted to the dermis underneath. This creates high levels of heat and promotes the formation of new collagen while tightening the skin above. Because the tiny needles go through the surface of your skin before the RF energy is projected into the deeper tissue, there is no chance of burning! As a bonus, it is fully safe for people with tans!

It has to be difficult to always be on camera, to have every possible angle of your body photographed and examined. Thankfully, with just a little bit of help from cosmetic procedures, the risk of being caught in an unflattering pose by a tabloid can be greatly reduced. If you wish for some more details about these or any other body secrets, just fill out a consultation form on our website at or give us a call at (239) 415-7576.

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