Need a Simple “Pick-Me-Up” Treatment? Try an Infusion Facial!

Let’s face it, your time is precious. Picture your average day and all of the things that you need to do; rushing to work and family obligations, running around town doing errands, meeting up with friends. It can sometimes seem impossible to just take a moment to breathe, much less find the time to treat yourself to something special, like one of our facial treatments!

Although you can get absolutely amazing results with many of our more involved procedures, we understand that there can be a bit of a time commitment involved. You may need to book an afternoon for the treatment itself, and then you have to make time for the recovery period, which can be up to a week.

What are the most effective options when you’re pressed for time?

Many of our patients ask for recommendations for the best “pick-me-up” treatment that won’t require a large time block. They’re Face cleaning in a beauty salon.looking for something simple, quick and incredibly effective.

We would have to say that a facial at our medical spa is a perfect option for someone who needs a break in the day. But for those who are also looking for something a little stronger, an Infusion Facial (also known as micro needling) would provide the best bang for your buck – the best result for your time. An Infusion Facial is a quick treatment with minimal downtime, that can still give you big results.

Everyone loves a facial. It can be incredibly relaxing, just lying there allowing the facial mask to extract impurities from the skin. Many people have at least one a month, partially because of its physical benefits, but also because of its psychological effects.

The only problem with a regular facial is that you can’t get the more extensive benefits down into the deeper layers of the skin. That challenge is solved with the Infusion Facial! By using fine, vibrating needles to pierce the skin at highly accurate speeds and depths, we can infuse a topical skincare product at a deeper level than with a regular facial.

The needles also help stimulate collagen and elastin growth in the lower levels of the skin. By applying anesthetic cream just before the treatment, we minimize any discomfort you could feel.

As with all facials, the Infusion Facial is extremely customizable. Depending on your desired result, we can focus on reducing wrinkles or oversized pores, improving an uneven skin tone, scars and sagging skin. And it’s fast! It only takes 5 to 15 minutes to treat selected areas, and an hour to treat your entire face. Right after the treatment, you can put on your makeup and walk out of the medical spa to continue with your day with no downtime!

As with traditional facials, the Infusion Facial is best used as a maintenance treatment. By coming in every few weeks, you can maximize your skin’s health, so that you look younger and more radiant, and it only requires one hour of your day. Not a bad return on the investment of your time!

After only one treatment, you will immediately see great results. Your skin will look tighter, your pores smaller, and your face will be more radiant! If you’re looking for complete scar removal, a series of treatments will need to be scheduled in order for us to go deeper into your skin to break down scar tissue.

Of course, the Infusion Facial is only one of the potential treatments that we offer. If you’d like to hear about more options, check out our website at or give us a call at (239) 415-7576. Together in consultation, we can come up with your ideal skincare routine! We hope to hear from you soon!

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