Look Your Best at Any Age This Valentine’s Day

Look-Your-Best-at-Any-Age-TThe big day is coming! Whether you’re planning a gala night out or a quiet evening at home this Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to look and feel your very best. But don’t give your valentine — or yourself — an unpleasant surprise; find out which procedures you can have right before your big night out, and which ones may need a day or two to recover from first.

Makeup can be your skin’s best friend, as well as its worst enemy. On one hand, the right type and amount of cosmetics can give you the youthful radiance you want, but on the other hand, the dirt, oil and residue that makeup leaves behind can clog your pores and become trapped in lines and wrinkles, making them appear deeper. Over-the-counter skincare products don’t provide the deep cleansing that your skin needs, since they only treat the top layer.

Cosmeceutical skincare is a healthier, more effective way to maintain skin health and to fight signs of aging. These are pharmaceutical-grade products that may only be distributed by physicians or licensed aestheticians, since they contain a greater concentration of active ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids, moisturizers, peptides, antioxidants, exfoliants, sunscreens and de-pigmenting agents. These penetrate the skin all the way to the dermis (the layer of tissue supporting the skin), where collagen and elastin are stored.

Weekly facials are a key component of maintaining great skin. The Azul Signature Facial is tailored to your individual skin type, and combines cleansing, nourishment and relaxation — after all, who doesn’t need a face massage once a week? For exfoliation, extraction and moisturizing that refreshes your face with no redness afterward, try a HydraFacial. Full-face treatments last no longer than one hour and require no downtime; just use a bit of makeup to cover any redness, and you’re back to work (or play). All types of facials yield the best results with regular use.

Fillers and botulinum toxin type A are the most popular aesthetic treatments all around the world, and with good reason: they offer immediate (though temporary) reduction of lines and wrinkles, with zero recovery time. You can schedule a treatment during your lunch hour and return to work subtly younger-looking, and no one will be able to guess exactly what’s different. Dysport, Xeomin and Botox relax the facial muscles underlying wrinkles, while dermal fillers like Artefill, Restylane, and Juvederm are best for smoothing skin and filling in hollow areas.

Another option for achieving your best look is laser skin resurfacing, which uses fractional pulsed light to provide non-abrasive treatment of skin irregularities, blemishes and scars. Recovery time for smaller, specific treated areas is minimal, while a full-face treatment may require a few days to show best results.

Plan accordingly this Valentine’s Day, and give yourself the gift of beauty and confidence with Azul’s skincare treatments. Dr. Flaharty is an aesthetic facial specialist who can advise you on which treatment(s) are most compatible with your appearance goals and skin type. Contact Azul today to book your free consultation in time show off your results on your next date night. Or give your sweetheart the gift of beauty and confidence with an Azul facial treatment that will make him or her look — and feel — fabulous!

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