It’s Time for a Full Face Rejuvenation with BBL

Something that we talk about a lot here at Azul is the importance of harmonious results.

When we say “harmonious results,” we mean that all of your features will look balanced and fitting with each other. For example, if you were to get Botoxaround your eyes to get rid of crow’s feet, but you didn’t treat the deep frown lines on your forehead, it wouldn’t look harmonious. This is why we often pair Botox with dermal fillers, to make sure that everything “matches.”

When it comes to skin procedures, it can be challenging to make sure that everything is harmonious, mainly because most skin procedures only treat small, specific areas of the face. This can be for many reasons. We might not want to damage more tissue than we need to, or the procedure would take too long if we did the entire face. But there is one procedure that allows us to treat the whole face, giving you a full 3D rejuvenation that will look completely harmonious: Broad Band Light therapy.

Broad Band Light Therapy

Broad Band Light therapy (BBL) is a newer treatment here at Azul, but it has already made a huge splash with our patients.

If you already know about Intense Pulsed Light therapy, then you should feel very comfortable with this new treatment. BBL is essentially a more advanced, refined version of IPL. In short, it’s a next-generation treatment that will effectively treat redness, sun spots and an uneven skin tone.

BBL is somewhat similar to a laser skin treatment, in the sense that we are using light energy to treat your skin. Unlike lasers, however, BBL is much less invasive, using light energy to “damage” the skin cells that are causing an uneven skin tone or your sunspots. The wavelength of this light energy is specifically tuned to heat up and damage the pigments and cells that cause redness or brown spots on the skin. Once this happens, your body’s natural healing processes will go to work, breaking down and reabsorbing these damaged cells. As they are replaced with new and healthier skin cells, the redness and darker spots will fade away.

BBL doesn’t just treat redness and skin texture issues; it’s actually a much more versatile treatment. Any color issues with the skin, like excess pigment (freckles), red and broken capillaries, and rosacea can be dramatically improved after just a few rounds of BBL. Not only that, but it can also help if you suffer from adult acne. The light energy affects your overactive sebaceous glands, preventing them from forming too much of the oil that causes acne. While these results won’t be permanent, repeated BBL treatments can be a very effective way to manage your acne issues.

As we are using light energy in BBL, we can treat much more surface area at once than we could with a laser treatment like Halo. This allows us to treat your entire face in one session. The treatment itself is quite comfortable compared to laser treatments. Some patients compare it to a rubber band quickly snapping against their skin. It’s more like a tiny shock than a constant feeling. And if it is uncomfortable, we can use a topical anesthetic to help!

While we can treat the entire face with BBL in one appointment, you will still require a few treatments to get your final results. Just one visit to Azul can help to improve your skin tone, but your results can be quite dramatic after a few rounds of BBL.

Now, all of this isn’t to say that IPL isn’t still a valuable treatment. It absolutely is. With IPL, we can certainly address issues like an uneven skin tone, redness, or sunspots. And just like BBL, it will be a full 3D facial treatment. The only difference is that it might take a little longer to get your full results. Think of it like your cell phone. Last year’s model is basically as good as this year’s; it just may not have the latest whiz-bang features. Believe us, if you live near one of our clinics that offers IPL, it’s worth coming in for treatment!

Broad Band Light therapyhas really caught on with our patients here at Azul. Folks who were huge fans of IPL have embraced BBL as an excellent alternative. But don’t worry, if you want an IPL treatment, we still offer it as well! There are many other non-surgical cosmetic procedureshere at Azul, including skin laser treatments like Halo(a perfect match with BLL) or Fraxel. These are offered alongside our surgical cosmetic proceduresand skincare solutions in our Medical Spa. To book a free consultation with Dr. Flaharty to determine your path to a 3D harmonious rejuvenation, please call us at (239) 415-7576. If you would like more information about all our procedures, you can visit our website at Give BLL a try in the new year and discover just how incredible your results can be!

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