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  • Posted on: Mar 13 2024
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Skincare is very important for everyone, and studies have shown that 1.68 billion people in the US spend $500 or more on skincare in a three-month period. The problem is that while these products can make your skin feel good in the short term, their effects disappear when you no longer use them, and not every product is created equal.



This is where medical-grade skincare comes to the rescue, as it brings the benefit of long-term results to the table. With a formula that helps beautify your skin based on its specific condition, medical-grade skincare as opposed to drug store or supermarket skincare can make a significant difference when striving for healthy skin. Read our blog and find out why medical-grade products hold such great power.

What Is Medical-Grade Skincare?

Medical-grade skincare includes products created and sold by medical professionals. Rather than being a one-size-fits-all type of product, the medical-grade type aims to resolve specific skincare conditions. For instance, while most drug store products moisturize the skin, items like the Even Skin Tone System from Azul® aim to address deeper issues like hyperpigmentation.

As the name suggests, over-the-counter products are items anyone can purchase off a shelf or online. However, medical-grade skincare is recommended based on the results of a consultation. Depending on the case, some of these products might even need a prescription to be released.

Why Medical-Grade Skincare Holds the Power

Below are some of the main reasons why medical-grade skincare is so efficient as opposed to over-the-counter products:

  • High Active Ingredients

    Many drug store or online skincare products only contain the bare minimum of active ingredients, very often less than 1 percent. For many, this is not enough to offer any long-term benefits to the skin. Medical-grade skincare products have a higher concentration of active ingredients. The Dermal C with Vitamin B, E and Ferulic Acid provided by Azul® features 15 percent vitamin C, along with other nutrients your skin may need. This ensures deeper nourishment to the skin that is maintained even after you stop the treatment. 

  • Clinical Research

    While regular skincare goes through several tests to ensure it is safe for the skin, it doesn’t need FDA approval to hit the shelves. Conversely, medical-grade skincare ingredients are backed by clinical research. Not only does it need to prove it is safe, but it also requires an efficiency guarantee. This is why medical-grade products are subjected to rigorous research, ensuring optimal results in the long term.



  • Deeper Penetration Formula

    Unlike regular skincare, which mainly stays on the skin’s surface and barely enters your pores, medical-grade skincare penetrates deeper into your tissue. For instance, products like the Azul® Anti-Aging System can penetrate deep into the dermis and kickstart your collagen production. After consistent use, the skin maintains its youthful look, and some of the aging signs are reversed.

  • Personalized Skincare

    While drug store or online creams are made for certain types of skin, finding the perfect line of products is often difficult. For example, you may find the ideal cream, but all your skincare efforts can be for nothing if you use a toner or serum that does not play well with your skin. Since medical-grade skincare is given based on a practitioner’s recommendations, you will receive the products that work best for your needs. Pre-set systems like the Azul® Normal Skin Anti-Blemish System can also be provided so you can have a complete routine.

Choose Medical-Grade Skincare for Healthy Skin!

Medical-grade skincare is very beneficial for your skin, as the effects are visible in the long term rather than just in the moment. You just need to find the formulas that work best for your skin type and condition. Contact Azul® Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa and schedule an appointment to get guided advice on products best for your skin or visit our online store for Azul Skin Health products.


For more information about medical-grade skin care, please contact Azul® Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa at 239-379-8924. We can offer you all the information you need to make the right decision for your skin. You can also visit the Azul® shop or fill out our online contact form, and we can help you get access to the products you need.

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