Azul’s Top Beauty & Anti-Aging Treatments for the New Year

By Cathi Kennedy-Campbell

Here’s a little thought about New Year’s Resolutions… do they ever work? It’s been estimated that only 8% of people who make New Year’s Resolutions achieve them. To be honest, most people probably forget about theirs within the first week of the New Year.

There are many reasons why most fail, but mainly it’s because people make very complicated and unrealistic resolutions. Instead of thinking, “Ok, what can I actually achieve?” they think, “Ok, in an idealized world where I have no other commitments and distractions, what could I achieve?”Congratulation With Champagne - Toast With Flutes And Fireworks

We think that the keys to a successful resolution are:

  1. a) Choosing something you really
  2. b) Being very specific.

You have to want it enough, and you can’t be vague about it. In that spirit, we suggest that an excellent New Year’s Resolution would be to focus on rediscovering the energy and look of your youth! The best part about that goal is that here at Azul Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa, we’re ready to help you every step of the way.

At the end of every year, we like to review our patients’ favorite anti-aging and facial rejuvenation treatments, the best of the best. So, if you want to rejuvenate your appearance and rediscover your youth in 2017, here are some of the best treatments that can help you on your way.

Azul Natural Lift

Over the course of his career, Dr. Patrick Flaharty has developed the Azul Natural Lift method in order to give the best possible and longest lasting results to his patients. The effectiveness of the Azul Natural Lift comes from a combination of techniques and procedures that result in a completely harmonious facial rejuvenation.

Dr. Flaharty carefully sculpts fat deposits, tightens the skin and removes excess tissue, for an amazing rejuvenation of your natural appearance. With his experience and skill, you don’t even need to worry about scarring; the incisions are hidden and almost invisible once everything has healed. This treatment is the gold standard of facial rejuvenation, and it’s only available here at Azul Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa.


If you don’t feel that you’re quite ready for a facial surgery procedure (like the Azul Natural Lift), we have a perfect non-surgical option for you. Ultherapy is the best non-surgical solution out there for neck and lower face lifting. Using the Ulthera® system, ultrasound energy targets and treats the soft tissue in your neck, stimulating new collagen growth while simultaneously tightening the skin.

Though Ultherapy is technically an “uplift” more than a “facelift,” the results can be very impressive, with almost no downtime associated with the procedure. If you anticipate a busy 2017, this might be just the procedure for you!


Remember what it was like to be 20 years old, when you could eat anything and never have to worry about putting on the pounds? But now that time has passed, it seems like every nibble sticks around, and won’t go away no matter how long and hard you work out. You might wonder if there’s anything you can do about those last few stubborn pounds.

Thankfully, the best new way to drop the pounds without surgery is one of our most popular treatments, CoolSculpting. A little while ago, an amazing discovery was made; it turns out that fat cells are more sensitive to cold energy than any other type of tissue. The result? Intense cold can actually freeze fat away! Using the CoolSculpting applicator, we use cold energy to target those fatty areas that are giving you all that trouble. The cold destroys the fat cells while leaving the surrounding tissue untouched.

After just a few weeks, your body will reabsorb the damaged fat cells, and you will literally see the fat melt right off of you. It’s really an incredible treatment. CoolSculpting is effective just by itself, but when mixed with exercise and a healthy diet, the results of CoolSculpting need be seen to be believed!

HydraFacial MD

Facials are one of the most popular treatments that we offer at our Medical Spa, and the HydraFacial MD is one of the most effective when it comes to rejuvenation and exfoliation.

Sit back and relax while we cleanse your skin to remove the natural build-up of dead cells. We follow this with a gentle acid peel that penetrates deeper into the skin to remove impurities. Then we use a painless vacuum device to help unclog your pores of any remaining debris. This is all finished off with a serum of antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to hydrate your skin, and the result is an absolutely clean, glowing reflection!

The best thing you can do for your skin’s health in 2017 is to have regular HydraFacial MD treatments. I don’t know about you, but lying back and having one of our estheticians pamper you for an hour is my idea of a great New Year’s Resolution!

The Azul Natural Lift, Ultherapy and the HydraFacial MD are the absolute pinnacles of facial rejuvenation treatments, and the procedures that Dr. Flaharty believes are the key to restoring youth and vitality to your face, your body and your life. Over the course of his career, he’s performed over 20,000 facial surgeries and is considered one of the top facial plastic surgeons in the field. So, when 2017 rolls around and you start to think about your New Year’s Resolutions, let Dr. Flaharty help you on your way with his insight and unparalleled skill!

You can find more information about these and other procedures on our website,, or give the office a call at (239) 415-7576. Dr. Flaharty invites you to come in for a free consultation to find that harmonious rejuvenation that you’re looking for in 2017.

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