All You Need to Know About SKINVIVE™ by JUVÉDERM®

  • Posted on: Nov 8 2023
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When it comes to taking care of your skin, you probably have a routine already set. However, your skin ages naturally, eventually reducing its water content by 65 percent. Drinking water and using high-quality moisturizers is not always enough, and that’s where non-invasive cosmetic treatments can help!


JUVÉDERM® has been a convenient option for restoring lost volume in your skin. However, there is only so much that it can do when it comes to restoring your facial glow and moisture. This is why JUVÉDERM® came up with SKINVIVE™, a hyaluronic acid microdroplet injectable that aims to restore your dewy complexion and make you look more youthful. This blog will tell you everything you need to know about SKINVIVE™ so that you know if it’s right for you or not. 


SKINVIVE™ is a product introduced by JUVÉDERM® to improve the smoothness of your skin using intradermal microdroplet injections. The substance was designed to improve texture in the cheek area, but it can also provide a lasting glow for up to six months.

SKINVIVE™ is similar to JUVÉDERM®, in the sense that it contains hyaluronic acid. The substance can increase collagen production, triggering cell turnover while reducing the size of wrinkles. However, unlike JUVÉDERM®, it is not pushed as deep into the skin, which allows the moisture molecules to stay closer to the surface. 

Benefits of Using SKINVIVE™ 

Here are some of the main reasons for using SKINVIVE™ by JUVÉDERM®:

  • Improved Hydration and Skin Quality

SKINVIVE™ is mostly popular for its ability to restore that dewy look and rejuvenated complexion. This is all thanks to the HA microdroplets that are injected into the top layer. Your skin will feel more refreshed, reducing the sensation of dryness and tired skin.

  • Healthier and Youthful Look

Similar to JUVÉDERM®, SKINVIVE™ can offer you youthful and healthier-looking skin. When injected strategically, SKINVIVE™ treatments can enhance the firmness and smoothness of your skin, reducing signs of aging. SKINVIVE™ can help revitalize your face to achieve a beautiful glow.



Treatment Area for SKINVIVE™

SKINVIVE™ by JUVÉDERM® is most commonly injected into your cheeks. It can correct age-related loss of hydration in the cheeks, promoting plumper skin and a much more youthful look. The effects are typically visible two to four weeks after the treatment, and this injectable can last up to six months.

SKINVIVE™ for Smoother Skin

SKINVIVE™ is a great treatment to use if you want to have more youthful, glowing skin! Contact Azul® Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa to set up an appointment for SKINVIVE™ to see its hydrating effects!


For more information about SKINVIVE™, you can contact Azul® Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa at 239-379-8924. We have offices in different locations, such as Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Naples, and Cape Coral. You can also use our online contact form, and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

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