Ageless Beauty: Aesthetic Treatments for Different Stages of Life

  • Posted on: Apr 3 2024
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Nowadays, everyone wants to look young, fit, and hip! Aesthetic treatments have seen a sharp rise over the past couple of years, with people finding it much easier to obtain a youthful appearance. That said, each life stage brings different imperfections, so you must choose your next treatment carefully.

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Some treatments are meant to prevent aging signs and reduce minor imperfections. Others have a dramatic effect and turn the clock back on your features. The skin has different needs depending on your age, and our providers are here to help. Read our blog and find out which treatments suit you and your age!

Preserving Your Beauty: Age 19 to 34

This is the best period of time for your skin. Collagen starts dropping in your early 20s, but you still have enough for your complexion to look plump and youthful. Very few people have wrinkles and other aging signs at this age, so you should mainly work on preventing the imperfections from showing. Below are some procedures that work well at this stage:

  • BOTOX® Cosmetic

    Your facial expressions are the main reason behind the formation of dynamic wrinkles, which are often the first to appear. BOTOX® Cosmetic is great to use now, as it relies on botulinum toxin type A to temporarily immobilize the muscle. The skin will smooth out because the nervous system can no longer send signals to the muscles to contract, so those squinting and laugh lines won’t appear as they once did.

  • Facials and Peels

    Large pores, pigmentation, dull skin, and other imperfections are very common in your 20s, which often causes you to reach for foundation constantly. Facials are great at this point in life to protect the skin’s natural barrier, and treatments like chemical peels can help reduce imperfections on the skin.

Reducing Aging Signs: Age 35 to 50

Starting in your mid-30s, you have already lost enough collagen and elastin for the skin to lose its hold. Your acne scars no longer heal nicely, the skin begins to wrinkle and crease, and sagging becomes more prominent. Volumizing and collagen-inducing treatments are recommended at this point, and the options below prove to be beneficial:

  • Dermal Fillers

    As you significantly lose volume in your face, dermal fillers can effectively restore balance. Adding hyaluronic acid injectables and similar fillers to your cheeks, jawline, and lips can bring back the lost volume for a more youthful look. Fillers can also be used to fill wrinkles and smooth out the skin.

  • DiamondGlow®

    With your skin losing its radiance and more wrinkles showing, DiamondGlow® can be used to restore radiance. The treatment uses a diamond-tip tool to exfoliate the skin, extract impurities, and infuse serums. The treatment can help nourish your skin while reducing signs of aging.


Rejuvenating Your Features: Age 50+

Quite a bit of collagen is lost by the time you reach your 50s, and your features might lack some volume. This can lead to sagging, making you look aged and tired. The treatments below are recommended for someone entering their fifth decade of life:

  • Morpheus8™

    Regular exfoliation and nurturing are no longer enough to start collagen production when wrinkles become more profound. You need a more advanced treatment. For example, Morpheus8™ combines radiofrequency with microneedling, triggering the body’s healing response in the target area, creating more collagen and elastin for a more youthful appearance.

  • Halo™ Laser

    Halo™ is a hybrid laser that stimulates collagen production while encouraging skin cell turnover. It’s a one-size-fits-all kind of treatment that not only helps you reduce blemishes but also tightens the skin. Regular maintenance treatments can keep you looking healthy and vibrant.

Enjoy Ageless Beauty at Azul® Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa!

You can enjoy beautiful and plump skin no matter if you are 20 or 50! Whether you wish to reduce recurring pigmentation or trigger new collagen production, there is a treatment for every stage of your life! Although this is a helpful guideline, women and men can receive our treatments at any point in their lives! Contact Azul® Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa and set up an appointment for a beauty treatment!


For more information about the right cosmetic treatments for every stage of life, please contact Azul® Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa at 239-379-8924. Our providers have all the answers you need to make the right decision. As an alternative, you can fill out our online contact form and we can get in touch with you shortly!

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