5 Ways DermaBright HQ Can Transform Your Skin


Have you ever wondered why our face is often the first place to show visible signs of aging?

One of the major reasons is constant sun exposure. While clothing protects the other parts of our body, our face is visible all day long. Even with regular use of a quality sunscreen, the UV rays will take a toll over the years. UV rays stimulate your pigmentation cells to produces melanin, meaning that sun exposure can increase the pigmentation levels in your skin (specifically your face).

These pigmentation issues can take shape as small sunspots, larger skin discolorations, or excess freckling. The visibility of this pigmentation can give you a prematurely aged appearance. Thankfully, there are many at-home treatments that you can use to restore an even skin tone, and one of the most effective is offered by Azul SkinHealth: DermaBright HQ Serum.

DermaBright HQ Serum
DermaBright HQ is one of my most recommended products to those who suffer from pigmentation issues. With proper application, users can see visible results in as little as 28 days. But there is more to DermaBright HQ than just skin lightening. There are a ton of other, beneficial ways that it can transform your skin. Here are just a few of them!

Treat Pigmentation Issues
The first ingredient in DermaBright HQ is the one that is most important to treat your pigmentation issues: hydroquinone.

Hydroquinone is a de-pigmenting agent that works by preventing your skin from producing too much melanin. When there is too much melanin in the skin, it can group together, creating brown, orange or other dark-colored spots. With daily use, hydroquinone can give you a much evener skin tone.

There is a possibility that hydroquinone may make your skin more sensitive, so the use of this product should also be combined with sunscreen to protect your skin from UVA damage.

Revitalize Aging Skin
Your mother always told you to take your vitamins, and, so far as skin health goes, one of the most important is vitamin C.

Vitamin C is not only crucial to your overall health, but it also plays a vital role in the production of new collagen under the skin. It’s a powerful antioxidant that can be used to reduce already existing signs of aging. Although you should be getting a healthy dose of it in your diet every day, your skin will be getting it directly from DermaBright HQ.

Improve Fine Lines
Another symptom of sun damage can be fine lines on the face. These little wrinkles can make you appear prematurely aged, being super-visible every single time you squint or smile. The alpha-hydroxy acid in DermaBright HQ not only helps to lighten the skin, but it also helps to increase the levels of moisture while at the same time firming up the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Unclog Pores and Clear Acne
Beta-hydroxy acid is also known by another name, one that might be a little more familiar to you: salicylic acid. This is one of the main ingredients used in acne skin care products. It’s used to dissolve the oils and debris found within pores, clearing them and helping to prevent the formation of blackheads and acne. This is in addition to its skin-lightening properties.

Exfoliate Your Skin
Alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids are well known for their effects of unbinding the cellular “glue” that holds dead skin cells together. By using products that contain them, you will be giving yourself a gentle exfoliation, removing the dead skins cells to reveal the healthier, more youthful skin underneath. Although we have other products that are specifically designed to provide gentle and effective exfoliation, the effects of alpha- and beta hydroxy acids in DermaBright HQ can be a nice bonus!

As with all of our Azul SkinHealth products, DermaBright HQ is formulated by the skincare wizards at Trilogy Laboratories. They’ve created dozens of advanced skincare products that can deliver results that you wouldn’t believe (unless you’ve tried them)! Although DermaBright HQ is super-effective on its own, when combined with other skin care products, the results can be dramatically improved. That’s why DermaBright HQ is part of Azul SkinHealth’s Even Skin Tone System. This combination of five products (Rejuva Gel Cleanser, Exfoliating Lotion, Dermal C 20%, DermaBright HQ, and Growth Factor Renewal Cream) work in synergy to restore a beautiful, even tone to your skin!

Each of these products is powerful on their own, combined they can work wonders. We often recommend starting with just one or two and allowing your skin to adapt to the active ingredients, then adding another and another. Hopefully, you are working with an Aesthetician, like me, and allowing us to help guide you toward the best skin possible. Consultations are complimentary at Azul and we’re never pushy or trying to sell you – we want the same thing you want – your happiness.

For the entire month of October, we’re offering a significant discount of $25 off DermaBright HQ, making it the perfect time to give it a try (or if you already love how effective it is, to stock up)! If you wish to give the entire Even Skin Tone System a try, you can do it for $70 off this month! At Azul, we also offer many effective surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, as well as excellent skincare treatments in our Medical Spa. If you’d like to book an appointment for a free consultation, you can give us a call at (239) 747-1148, or visit our website at www.azulbeauty.com for more information about all of our services!

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