Say hello to SkinPen microneedling treatments!


If you’ve been hesitant to try microneedling, now’s the time! We’re proud to use the FDA cleared SkinPen for microneedling treatments at Azul. For those of you who might not know, Microneedling is the use of super-fine, short needles to make tiny punctures in the skin. These tiny skin injuries stimulate your own natural healing process. The healing results in younger-looking skin, lessens the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores, and can greatly improve the appearance of scars. Who doesn’t want that?

At Azul, we always strive to provide the absolute best treatments and options for our clients, which is why we are so excited to offer SkinPen microneedling treatments. Here are 12 reasons you should be excited too!

  1. Creates up to 1,600 micro-injuries per second – More injuries mean more healing! The healing process triggers your skin’s natural collagen production. The more micro-injuries, the better the results.
  2. Vertical micro-injuries with no dragging or tearing of skin – While the SkinPen has a pen-like appearance, the disposable needle cap is powered by a motor turning at 7,000 RPMs to create extremely rapid “tapping,” rather than dragging of a typical device across the skin. Tapping creates micro-injuries with clean vertical edges. This is a stark contrast to the “cat scratch” effect that other devices may create when dragged quickly across the treatment area.
  3. Variable depth with the same treatment needles during the same session – Every face is different, and every treatment can be customized to meet the exact needs of our clients. For areas that need a little deeper treatment, SkinPen easily adjusts so results are consistent across the face.
  4. Aseptic technique – It’s clean, clean, clean! Each Azul provider has received training in how to create and maintain aseptic conditions and maximize results while maintaining safety (like around the delicate tissues surrounding your eyes).
  5. FDA cleared – It’s pretty exciting when a new device becomes FDA cleared for cosmetic treatments. It’s the government’s way of saying that the studies prove the results are real. SkinPen microneedling treatments are safe and effective!
  6. Results that last and last – Results take time. As the body begins to heal the microscopic wounds, it produces new collagen and elastin. Patients can begin to see results in as little as two weeks. These results will continue for the next five months. We can also provide patients with SkinPen Microneedling Aftercare Serums. These serums enhance your results at home by continuing to stimulate keratinocytes in the skin to release growth factors that induce the production of new collagen.
  7. Class II medical device – Built for accuracy and results. This means, it can only be operated by appropriately licensed and trained professionals. Our clients will receive the highest quality treatment and results!
  8. Acupuncture-grade stainless steel needles manufactured in Japan – SkinPen uses the highest quality materials in production to give clients the best experience and results possible.
  9. Specialized water-gel for hydration and purity – We first apply a light topical numbing cream to the treatment area, followed by a special water-gel to keep the area hydrated. It’s a non-comedogenic formula that keeps skin clear and quenched for a comfortable treatment process.
  10. (Almost) no downtime – While skin reactions can vary, most patients will go home with slight redness, like a mild sunburn. There may be some pinpoint bleeding, but this is rare and depends on the patient’s skin thickness. The growth factor serum applied after your microneedling acts to reduce inflammation. For the first 24 hours, we ask that you limit your skincare to gentle cleansing and a simple moisturizer, not an anti-aging moisturizer. After that, you can return to your regular skincare and apply makeup!
  11. Safe for all skin tones and types –SkinPen is safe and effective on all skin tones and types. The only restrictions are for pregnant or nursing women, those who’ve received Accutane treatment within the past 6 months, or for those with a history of keloid formation.
  12. No need to avoid sun exposure after 24 hours – After the first 24 hours, there are no restrictions on sun exposure, other than common sense – which means sunscreen every day!

Microneedling is a great way to soften facial wrinkles, minimize enlarged pores and reduce the appearance of sunspots and scars while leaving you with tighter, younger-looking skin. If SkinPen microneedling sounds like the treatment for you, give us a call today at (239) 747-1148 to schedule a complimentary consultation!

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