Revitalize Your Skin! Part 2: MOXI™

  • Posted on: Aug 9 2023
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We all look forward to summer and sunshine, but too much sun exposure can cause our skin to suffer and become dull and wrinkled. By the time summer reaches its late stages, your skin will feel the after-effects of staying too long at the beach. Luckily, there are treatments like the MOXI™ laser that can help you revitalize your skin.

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What exactly is this procedure and what can you expect from the MOXI™ laser healing process? In this blog, we will talk about the MOXI™ laser, and why you should consider booking this fantastic treatment.

What Is the MOXI™ Laser Treatment?

The MOXI™ laser is a non-ablative laser that uses a 1927 nm wavelength that is safe for every skin type. It can renew and revitalize your skin, helping you maintain a rejuvenated look. The frequency of the laser will create micro-injuries in your skin that will stimulate collagen and elastin production.

In combination with a good skincare routine, this treatment will help your skin regenerate itself. The good news is that it can brighten and tighten your skin without requiring too much downtime. While multiple treatments are recommended for dramatic results, you can see some improvement after just one treatment. 

What Can the MOXI™ Later Do For You?

MOXI™ laser is a multi-purpose tool that can treat various skin conditions. For one, MOXI™ can reduce wrinkles and help with minor skin laxity, and it can also be useful if you have an uneven skin complexion or a rough skin texture. Moreover, certain lasers can help against melasma, and MOXI™ makes no exception in this regard, and it can also be efficient against hyperpigmentation.

The advantage of the MOXI™ laser treatment is that it can rejuvenate your neck, arms, chest, legs, and hands with barely any downtime. One thing to note is that MOXI™ laser side effects are rare, and you might only feel some tingling during the procedure. Any discomfort or inflammation should subside within the first 24 to 48 hours. 


The MOXI™ Treatment Levels

Depending on the skin imperfections you are dealing with, the MOXI™ laser can be set on three different levels: 

  • Level 1: “Prejuvenating” the skin, addressing the early signs of mild skin tone imperfections. Its purpose is to prevent aging by stimulating collagen production.
  • Level 2: Revitalizing aging skin, triggering collagen and elastin production for those who want a more youthful appearance.
  • Level 3: Transforming the skin’s elastin and collagen for a resurfacing effect, renewing aging skin.

Each person is different, which is why an initial consultation with Azul® Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa is necessary. This way, we can determine how to perform the right MOXI™ laser treatment for your needs.

What MOXI™ Results Can You Expect?

MOXI™ will create micro-injuries in your skin, which is why you will likely notice some redness and inflammation first. Your body will trigger the natural healing process, so the results will not be immediate, but you may see a difference once your skin heals after the procedure. 

After three to five days, you may notice that your skin is peeling a little and you should moisturize your skin properly to combat dryness. You should expect to see the first results after one week, but the final results are more noticeable after three months. 

Rejuvenate Your Skin With MOXI™!

MOXI™ laser is a good option for you to rejuvenate your skin, especially if you’ve suffered from sun damage. The procedure can trigger collagen production in the long term, which can reverse any damage you’ve experienced during your sunbathing sessions or outdoor activities. It is important to wear sunblock any time you are out in the sun, especially in Florida. If you want to experience the MOXI™ laser benefits, then you can call Azul® Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa to schedule your first consultation! 

For more info about the MOXI™ laser and how it can help you, you can contact Azul® Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa at 239-379-8924. You can also use our contact form, and we will set you up for a virtual appointment. 

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