Have You Heard of Microchanneling? It’s Even Better Than Microneedling

One of our favorite things at Azul is to introduce our patients to a brand-new treatment. It’s exciting when a long-time patient comes in for a cosmetic treatment, sees the new procedure, and says, “Oooo, what’s that?” We heard that question a lot a few months ago when we introduced the Silhouette Instalift. We are still hearing it about our newly revamped line of Azul Skin Health products. And we expect that we will be hearing it a lot more in the coming months, as we are introducing a brand-new innovation in our Medical Spa. Despite being a brand-new treatment, we expect that you will be familiar with the concepts behind it. We at Azul are proud to introduce you to microchanneling!

If you’ve ever had microneedling done at Azul, you will realize why the new skin-tightening microchanneling procedure is so effective. When the lower layers of the skin are injured, our bodies spring into action and heal them with new cellular growth to replace the cells that were damaged. This means the creation of brand new collagen, one of the substances that keeps our skin tight and youthful. We lose collagen as we get older, so by producing new collagen, we can rejuvenate the skin from the lower layers upward. The trick, of course, is to damage the lower layers of the skin while leaving the top layer of the skin intact and relatively undamaged.

We can do this by using a special tool that has a microchanneling head covered in tiny needles to create small channels in the epidermis. These channels are so small that they are invisible to the eye at the top layer of the skin, only causing the appearance of mild irritation and redness. Once the microchanneling head has gone through the top layer, it damages the lower layer, triggering collagen production and the healing process. This also has the side benefit of increasing serum absorption by upwards of 300%, making microchanneling a perfect treatment to pair with some of our products and to alternate with our facial treatments (HydraFacial MD or the Azul Platinum Facial.)

At this point, you might be saying to yourself, “This sounds familiar… Isn’t this just a rebranded version of microneedling?” That’s understandable, and although the procedures seem similar, there are a number of striking differences that push microchanneling to new heights of skin tightening.

The Difference Between MicroChanneling and Microneedling
Although the two procedures utilize the same process of penetrating the skin with tiny needles to stimulate the generation of new collagen below, the methods used are slightly different.

Microneedling is usually administered with a specialized roller tool covered in many, many tiny needles. As it rolls across your skin, the needles penetrate, intentionally damaging the lower layers of the skin to cause the creation of collagen. Sounds familiar, right?

Due to skin stretching and the angle of needle penetration while rolling the microneedling tool across your skin, there is the possibility of a small amount of skin tearing, as well as unintentional deeper penetration of the needles than intended. This means that the surface of your skin may need more time to recover, as there may be irritation to the top layer of the skin. Although any skin inflammation should clear up a few hours after treatment, it could feel a little bit like you have a sunburn for a few days. With microchanneling, however, the process is more of a stamping than rolling and needles penetrate straight downward, reducing the likelihood of skin irritation. Even when professionally administered, microneedling just doesn’t measure up to microchanneling.

But Wait, There’s More!
We use a powerful Growth Factor serum in all our microchanneling treatments. If you haven’t used of a Growth factor serum – it’s like a super-food for your skin that accelerates the production of new cell turnover and helps your skin to build new collagen, resulting in firmer plumper skin!

What’s the Recovery Period Like?
One of the biggest advantages of microchanneling is the improvement in the recovery period when compared to microneedling. As the needles puncture directly down vertically, essentially stamping the skin, there is comparatively little damage to the surface. Although you will still experience some inflammation after treatment, it should be relatively minor, and fade after a few hours. Again, we stress it is so important to wear sun protection after treatment, especially in Florida, as the intentional skin damage will make you far more susceptible to sun damage like sunburns.

Although there is always a lot of excitement among our patients when they see a brand new treatment, there can often be a bit of skepticism as well. After all, microneedling is a reliable treatment that has delivered excellent results for years now. Why bother changing? That’s why we’re sweetening the pot, so you can see the real difference that microchanneling can make. Treatments are regularly $350 but are $245 for the month of March, so that’s quite a savings!

If you’d like to learn more about microchanneling, or any of our other cosmetic medical spa treatments, please visit our website at www.azulbeauty.com or give us a call us at (239) 415-7576. We offer free consultations with Dr. Flaharty, our medical estheticians and our master injectors so we can personally answer all of your questions and help direct you to your most comprehensive and natural-looking rejuvenation!

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