Eyebrow Restoration with Microblading

We rarely think about how important our eyebrows are. They are super effective for communicating non-verbally with others. Not unlike Mr. Spock, one raised eyebrow can communicate a question or curiosity. Two raised eyebrows instantly communicate an emotion of surprise. And lowered eyebrows, well, they can instantly make you look more intimidating and intense.

A sign of aging that we don’t often think about is thinning eyebrows. We usually focus on our wrinkles, or our graying hair. But believe me, when you look in the mirror and realize that your eyebrows have started to fade and thin, it can cause quite a panic. You no longer look quite like yourself, as two of your most prominent and expressive facial features are no longer as visible as they used to be.

For years at Azul, we’ve had an excellent solution for this problem: permanent makeup. Matching your eyebrow color exactly, we use pigments to tattoo your eyebrows, giving you the appearance of constantly having perfectly done brows. Most people are very satisfied with this technique, but as cosmetic technology marched on, an even better solution has presented itself. It is a cutting-edge cosmetic technique that we’ve recently started to offer at Azul: microblading.

Microblading is essentially a refinement to permanent makeup for the brows. Instead of tattooing the entire area, we use individually created hair-like strokes of pigment under the skin to create the 3D-like appearance of full brows. While not permanent, it is very long-lasting and has the benefit of being more “hair-like”.

As Much Art as Science

Although most cosmetic procedures require an artistic element – this is especially true with microblading. It isn’t just anyone who can do this treatment; it requires a tremendous amount of training and skill to create natural looking brows.

Before the procedure, we would have a consultation where you and I, or another of our specially trained aestheticians, establish the original shape of your brows and outline exactly what their new shape will be. After the consultation, we may you to discontinue some blood-thinning medications for a few days prior to your procedure.

Once we start treatment, I use a specialized hand tool to etch hair-like strokes just beneath the surface of the skin, using colored pigments that match the variations your natural hair color. Over the course of the treatment, I fill out the shape of your brows, restoring their appearance in a remarkably natural-looking way.

Unlike many of the cosmetic procedures that we offer at Azul, this is not an in-and-out “lunchtime” treatment. This kind of detailed work can take upward of two and a half to three hours to complete. On the other hand, take a moment to add up how much time you currently spend on your brows, over and over and over again! Once the procedure is finished, we use a specially blended topical anesthetic cream to help take care of any discomfort you may be feeling. Once home, you are given detailed post-procedure instructions and a special cream that you can use to speed healing.

There may be a bit of tenderness around your brows for a few days after the procedure. After all, we were literally making tiny cuts into your skin. But after a few days, any swelling or redness should clear up. Due to the initial redness, your brows may look darker than you expected for the first two weeks after treatment, but as your skin heals around the new pigment, the color will soften becoming a match to the pigment selected to compliment your skin and hair.

Unfortunately, microblading isn’t for everyone. First, you need to be over the age of 18. Second, if you’ve already had permanent or semi-permanent makeup done in the past, then microblading won’t be an option, as you will be unable to achieve your desired results. There are also a few health conditions that prevent you from being a good candidate for microblading, including pregnancy. But generally, if you would be considered a good candidate to get a regular tattoo, you would also be considered a good candidate for microblading.

Microblading is an incredible procedure, but it does require a bit of follow-up. We request that patients return one month after treatment to touch-up any hairs that “didn’t take” or make any other adjustments, and to make sure your brows and shape are as desired. Microblading is considered “semi-permanent” makeup, so you will want to get touch-up treatments every six to 12 months, as your body will start to break down the pigment under your skin, causing the definition of each individual “hair” to fade. (Use of creams that accelerate skin turn-over may bring you closer to the six month mark.)

Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to minimize any fading. Make sure you are wearing a great moisturizer and sun protection (we recommend one of the Azul SkinHealth sunscreens), as direct sun exposure can cause fading.

If you look in the mirror only to see a reflection that lacks the expressiveness that you expect, then microblading might be the perfect cosmetic procedure for you. All you have to do is give us a call at (239) 747-1148 to book an appointment for a free consultation. To learn more about microblading, or any of the other surgical, non-surgical and Medical Spa treatments we offer here at Azul, please visit our website at www.azulbeauty.com.

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