Bad Botox Stories and How to Avoid Them

Senior lady having botox injecting procedureBy Britten

Working as a master injector at Azul gives me the opportunity to see the real difference that simple, cosmetic procedures can make in people’s lives. So much of our self-confidence is tied up in the person we see in the mirror, that when, all of a sudden, the wrinkles and fine lines on our faces vanish, we suddenly reclaim our youth, energy and drive. I’ve administered BOTOX® Cosmetic to countless patients, and nothing gives me a better feeling than seeing their results and their smiles.

That said, I have to say that not everyone has the same standards as Azul when administering Botox. There are tons of discount Botox places out there, all of them claiming that they will get rid of your wrinkles for less.

But when you see Botox horror stories online, this is usually why! Botox can be a miracle procedure, but it shouldn’t be done by amateurs. The neurotoxin used to relax the tiny “twitch” muscles that cause fine lines and wrinkles is nothing to mess around with. The scary thing is that most of these discount places don’t even bother with training, much less what our master injectors, including myself, go through. They don’t specialize their treatments for the specific patient. They just inject and eject the patient out on the street, regardless of their results.

The Surprised Eyes 

Remember Spock on Star Trek? Remember his eyebrows, always arched up in a quizzical manner? That is exactly what can happen to you if you get an over-injection of Botox in the middle of your forehead.

When the tiny muscles in this area are over-relaxed, the area between your brow droops down, while the muscles under the outside portions of your brow stay high, pulling up your eyebrows. This leaves you with the appearance of constant surprise. This is one of the most common Botox horror stories, as it is easy for an inexperienced injector to use just a tiny bit too much. And with Botox, a tiny bit can make a huge difference.

Eyelid Drooping

This Botox mistake is, thankfully, rather rare. It results when Botox diffuses into the levator muscle that is responsible for lifting the eyelid. Generally, you won’t have to worry about this complication, as it is so rare. If it does occur, it is temporary, and lasts while the Botox is active.

Heavy Forehead

When too much Botox is injected into the frontalis muscle, the one that runs along the length of your forehead, both your forehead and your eyebrows relax, leading to a feeling of a heavy forehead. Some people have described it as if someone were “sitting” on their forehead. Yes, the wrinkles on your forehead will be gone, but so will the ability to lift your eyebrows at all.

Frozen Expression

This is the probably the best known, and most dreaded, Botox horror story: the frozen face.

When too much Botox is injected into the forehead, around the eyes and around the mouth, the tiny muscles under the skin (that allow us to express our emotions) are weakened or frozen. This can give a person a look of, well, blankness. You’ve seen the Hollywood stars out there who go overboard in the pursuit of endless youth. The reality is that, when it comes to Botox, less really is more.

How Do I Fix the Problem?

Well, that depends on what the problem is.

For example, if you have an expression of permanent surprise, there is a good chance that you can be helped. A few strategic injections will allow the muscles on either side of the brow to relax, letting your eyebrows to drop to a reasonable level.

If you have a frozen expression, or if an area of the face was over-injected, then the only real solution is time. Botox is temporary and will always wear off after two or three months once the paralyzed twitch muscles have recovered. Yes, this does mean that repeat treatments are necessary (if you liked the result)… but it also means that a botched result is only temporary.

After your face has recovered from bad Botox, you might be unwilling to go back for another treatment. I honestly understand — being gun-shy is totally normal after going through something like that. But as a master injector, I have to tell you that it probably wasn’t the Botox that froze your face, it was the person who injected the Botox. When Botox is injected properly by a professionally trained injector, it will simply result in fewer wrinkles, not in a drooping, heavy or frozen expression.

If you’ve had a nightmare experience with BOTOX® Cosmetic in the past, I urge you to give it another shot here at Azul. The master injectors here (Jenna, Debbie and myself) all have the extensive training and full confidence of Dr. Flaharty when it comes to injecting Botox. If you’ve ever worked with him in the past, you know that his seal of approval means something when it comes to cosmetic procedures.

If you’d like to give Botox another chance here at Azul, you can call the office at (239) 415-7576 to book a free consultation, or browse our to see some of the other beauty procedures we offer.

Discount Botox might be tempting, but it can lead to true horror stories. Here at Azul, however, your rejuvenation is our business and we will always put your welfare, and your needs and desires first.



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