A Man’s Guide to Manscaping – Straight Talk about Laser Hair Removal, Botox, CoolSculpting & Eyelifts

If you’ve never heard of “manscaping” before, don’t worry – it isn’t too hard to figure out what it is. This combination of the words “man” and “landscaping” perfectly describes what it means. Just like landscape things in your yard to make it look great, many men wish to remove or reshape things on their body to improve their physical appearance. Often applied only to hair removal, the term “manscaping” has been expanded to anything that improves a man’s physical appearance and makes him feel more attractive. Men find Azul to be comfortable, welcoming and private. All three of our locations were designed to be calm and comfortable for both men and women with warm neutrals and blues. Most men are pleasantly surprised at the number of non-surgical options available to them.

We know your physical appearance is important to you, and having pockets of fat that just won’t go away, or wrinkles around your eyes, or yes, excess hair, can lead to less self-confidence. Who wants to wear a t-shirt while hanging out at the beach or the pool? And when you’re talking to people, you want them to notice your eyes and your great smile, not your wrinkles!

Laser Hair Removal

But it is true that, when we think of manscaping, we tend first to think of hair.

For many men, their excess body hair can be a constant cause of irritation. The media doesn’t help with this. The current male “ideal” tends to have super-smooth, hairless, toned skin. And as most men can tell you, this “ideal” isn’t realistic in the slightest!

Laser hair removal is a non-surgical, minimally invasive cosmetic procedure to get rid of that excess hair, anywhere on your body. To keep up with our analogy, and compare laser hair removal to landscaping, this is kind of like killing off the weeds. By using the Palomar Vectus™ laser, we target the pigment in each hair, thereby getting at the cells that generate the hair within each follicle, and superheating them. Once those cells are knocked out, you won’t have to worry about that hair growing back again.

Thanks to the amazing coverage of this laser, we can treat a large area of your body, like your back, in as little as 30 minutes! Because of the natural growth cycles of hair, you will need to come back in for a few treatments for full results, but even after just one, you will have a noticeable reduction in the amount and the thickness of your excess body hair.

As with most laser hair removal, this treatment works best on individuals with dark hair (the more pigment in the hair, the more effective the treatment, generally), but the Palomar’s Melanin Reader is designed to tailor every treatment to each patient’s specific hair type.

Botox (Lose Your Lines, Not Your Edge!)

One of the most common and earliest signs of aging in men are wrinkles at the corners of the eyes and across the forehead. This makes sense. The skin around our eyes tends to be thin, and our foreheads get quite a workout with every facial expression we make. The “twitch” muscles under the skin in those areas are constantly moving, resulting in wear and tear of the skin above. If we could somehow get these twitch muscles to relax, the wrinkles above would actually fade away… and that’s what Botox does.

Botox is one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures in the world, for good reason. By injecting a tiny amount into the twitch muscles around the eyes and forehead, we can get them to relax. And pretty quickly, those noticeable wrinkles around your eyes will start to fade.

Those twitch muscles will eventually start to recover and regain their strength, over the course of three to six months. The stronger they get, the more your wrinkles will show back up. So a refresh treatment of Botox every 3-5 months is advisable. (But thankfully it likely takes less time, and doesn’t have to happen anywhere near as often, as mowing the grass in your yard!) So remember, lose your lines, not your edge!


Almost everybody has an area or two of their body that drives them nuts, male or female. You know, those areas where, no matter how much you improve your diet or how extensively you exercise, you just can’t seem to get rid of the fat. Love handles, the lower back, under the chin… Noticeable fat in these areas is irritating.

Often, when people think of “body contouring,” they think of liposuction.
And it’s true that liposuction can do great things. But sometimes you only need to trim a few stragglers, not take out an entire branch!

The best way to get rid of stubborn fatty pockets for good is with the world’s #1, completely non-invasive method of body contouring, CoolSculpting. Here, we use targeted cold energy to destroy the fat cells in those fatty, annoying areas, while leaving the surrounding tissue, like skin and muscle, completely unharmed. As your body starts to reabsorb these destroyed fat cells, you will literally see the fat melt away. And because your body doesn’t replace these fat cells, you can say goodbye to the fatty areas! With CoolSculpting, you’ll lose the handles, but not the love.

Eyelifts (Blepharoplasty)

Finally, if you are starting to show signs of aging around your eyes, like dark circles, sagging skin or deeper wrinkles, you might want to consider a surgical procedure on your eyelids (aka blepharoplasty).

With over 20 years of experience rejuvenating men’s and women’s faces, Dr. Flaharty is a master at eyelid lifts. During surgery, he can trim and tighten the excess skin around your eyelids, remove fatty deposits that have developed, and lessen the shadows under your eyes.

For deep hollows under the eyes, eyelid surgery is often combined with dermal fillers or a fat transfer to bring back that lost volume. If a sagging brow is contributing to the aging look around your eyes, a brow lift can really bring your results to the next level, giving you a comprehensive and effective facial rejuvenation.

Because blepharoplasty is real surgery, it requires a recovery period of 10-14 days. But after the tissue has healed, your eyes will look brighter and more alert, taking away that tired or angry look that doesn’t reflect the real you. It’s one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures for men, because of how truly effective it can be at turning back the clock.

For many men, “manscaping” can be time consuming and sometimes trying. Daily shaving or weekly waxing to remove excess hair gets annoying in a hurry. Exercise that never touches stubborn pockets of fat can be frustrating. Not feeling like your expression reflects who you truly are is disheartening. You don’t have to feel like that.

We know that manscaping can be a paradox – you don’t want to do anything really noticeable, but you do want (discreetly) noticeable results. At Azul, Dr. Patrick Flaharty and his staff know exactly how you feel, and can help you decide on solutions that are specifically designed to address your individual needs and goals. Whether you are new to cosmetic services, or familiar with the services, we are confident you will comfortable in our office and with our staff.

We’ve only discussed a few of the treatments we offer here, and if you’re interested, we invite you to take a look at some of our other procedures Just for Men, that can also help you retain or regain your physical confidence, and have you looking and feeling your absolute best! It’s manscaping you can believe in!

If you’d like a free consultation with Dr. Flaharty or one of our clinical team, please call us at (239) 747-1148 to book an appointment, or visit our website at www.azulbeauty.com, for more information on other surgical, non-surgical and Medical Spa treatments.

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