5 Tips for Post-Surgical Care

  • Posted on: Mar 1 2023
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Any type of facial procedure, whether surgical or non-surgical, will come with aftercare instructions. Most of these instructions are relatively simple: rest and stay out of the sun. While these are 100 percent true, the reality is that they are not the only rules you should follow after a cosmetic procedure. If you’ve decided to undergo facial rejuvenation surgery at Azul® Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa, it’s important to make sure that you follow all of the post-operative instructions given to you. By doing so, you can recover quickly and fully all while minimizing any potential scarring from your procedure.

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5 Aftercare Instructions to Follow

After your facial rejuvenation surgery, you want to make sure that all aftercare instructions are followed to a tee. This not only helps you achieve the best results but also speeds up your recovery time and minimizes the appearance of scars in the treatment area. Now, let’s take a look at some other ways to help minimize your recovery time and get you back to your daily life!

1. Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions to a “T”

While this may be the hardest one to follow, it’s also the most important! Potential side effects can occur immediately following your procedure, which is why following your surgeon’s post-operative care is key. At Azul®, we provide our patients with a comprehensive packet of post-operative instructions to ensure your recovery process is as smooth as possible. 

2. Allow Your Body to Rest

Rest will be your best friend! When you’re recovering from surgery, it’s important that you limit your activity, rest, and let the healing process take place. If you try and rush things, your recovery may take a little longer. Nobody wants that!

3. Use Your Recovery Gel

Post-recovery gels are some of the best things you can have after your surgery! At Azul® Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa, we offer our patients a recovery gel that is comprised of three essential ingredients that can help speed up your recovery time. This recovery gel contains Liposomal Vitamin K, Arnica, and Growth Factors. By softening, calming, moisturizing, and restoring bruised skin, this product improves the appearance of post-procedural bruising and swelling. 

4. Eat Healthy and Hydrate

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is just good to do in general. While we all have our cheat days, it’s important to incorporate healthy and nutritious food into your daily diet, but even more so while you’re recovering. 

There’s a reason we’re encouraged to drink eight or more glasses of water a day, and that’s because hydration is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Not to mention, adequate hydration is essential for post-surgery care!

5. Stay Out of the Sun 

We know this is hard to do in Florida, but it’s important to limit your exposure to the sun. You’ll want to avoid any potential damage to your skin or scar tissue by minimizing your sun exposure and wearing appropriate clothing, accessories such as hats or glasses, or sunscreen to protect against harmful UV rays. Plus, too much sun exposure can dehydrate you, which certainly doesn’t help tip #4!

Whether you just had surgery or you’re planning for future surgery, be sure to follow your post-op instructions and keep these five tips in mind to minimize your scarring and speed up your recovery time.

To schedule your consultation or to learn more about facial rejuvenation surgeries, call Azul® Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa today at 239-379-8924, or fill out our online contact form.

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