The Many Sides of CoolSculpting

By Lisa

Imagine that you have this really good friend. Just about your favorite person in the world, and you’ve known each other for years. You think you know everything about them. Then one day, you suddenly discover there’s a side of this person that you’ve never seen before — something amazing that they once did, or some incredible challenge they overcame. Suddenly, your old friend is a completely new friend!

Now, imagine you have a favorite cosmetic procedure. It’s amazingly effective, the treatment is incredibly easy and comfortable, and it has helped you out immensely in the past. Now, imagine you suddenly discover that there are other sides, other uses for the treatment that you had no idea about! Wouldn’t that be exciting?

Well, cosmetic procedures aren’t really like people, but discovering a new side to something that you already love is always a wonderful experience. That’s why I am thrilled to tell you that there are a few sides of one of our most popular and effective procedures that you might not know about. That’s right, there is more to CoolSculpting® than meets the eye!

You probably already know that CoolSculpting can eliminate unwanted fat using a patented, cold technology in a non-surgical way. It’s simple, safe and unquestionably the best way to remove unwanted fat from your body without surgery. It’s also one of the most popular treatments here at Azul, as it allows us to sculpt the bodies of our patients in a completely non-invasive way. No length recoveries or incisions here!

CoolSculpting® works through a process called cryolipolysis, which is the destruction of fat cells by using cold energy. Fat cells die at a much higher temperature than other kinds of tissue. By using the CoolSculpting® applicator to freeze your fat cells, we can destroy those while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. Over time, you reabsorb these damaged fat cells and they are eliminated through your body’s natural processes. You will literally be able to watch the fat vanish in the mirror day by day.

CoolSculpting® is perfect to help treat the stubborn pockets of fat that exercise and diet just can’t seem to touch. Flanks, love handles, thighs — CoolSculpting® is the perfect way to eliminate the fat from these areas without having to worry about invasive surgery or complications. Chances are that you already know all of this. CoolSculpting® is famous for it! But did you know that CoolSculpting® can do far more?

Although the traditional CoolSculpting® applicator is great for treating larger sections of the body, it’s a little too big to treat areas like, say, the pouch of fat that many people develop under their chins. That pouch can weaken your profile and is almost impossible to eliminate with dieting and exercising. Even if you do manage to minimize it, the second those lifestyle changes stop, it will come right back. Well, that’s what the CoolMini® is for. This CoolSculpting® applicator add-on allows us to treat smaller pockets of fat in the body like the one under your chin. The process is the exact same. Using CoolMini, we freeze the fat cells under the chin. After your body has reabsorbed those destroyed cells, that’s it. They don’t regenerate, they don’t come back. You will be rid of your double chin for good, and all it took was one or two CoolMini® sessions! It’s also great for smaller people who have love handles.

Another area of stubborn fat that can drive us crazy is under the arms. Again, you can diet and work out, but those “batwings” are still going to be there. But now, CoolSculpting® has a brand new add-on that allows us to treat your upper arms and eliminate those fat pockets forever. It’s called the CoolAdvantage Petite. The upper arm can be tricky to treat with other body contouring treatments or surgery, as the structures there can be quite delicate. That’s why the CoolAdvantage Petite® is so effective. The delicate tissue is left completely unharmed, while the fat cells are destroyed.

There is yet one more side of CoolSculpting® you might not know about. Like all technology, cosmetic procedures keep getting more and more refined. Innovations can make an already existing treatment even better, and that’s just what’s happened with CoolSculpting®. I want to introduce you to CoolAdvantage! It has all of the fat-destroying benefits of CoolSculpting®, but only takes about half the time. Instead of an hour, we can treat you in just 35 minutes, and with a greater level of comfort.

Oh, and there is one more side of CoolSculpting® you might not know about… This month at Azul, all CoolSculpting treatments are 25% off! If you’re a longtime fan of CoolSculpting, this is the perfect time to come into Azul and learn all about these new, cool advances! CoolMini®, CoolAdvantage Petite® and CoolAdvantage® are all offered at Azul, and for 25% off until the end of November! How’s that for a cool deal?

If you’d like to learn more about CoolSculpting®, CoolMini®, CoolAdvantage Petite® or CoolAdvantage®, or any of our other non-surgical cosmetic procedures, you can visit our website at or give us a call at (239) 415-7576. This November, Get Cool at Azul!

*CoolSculpting is a registered trademark of ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc.

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