Stay Hydrated in the Summer Sun with Hydrafacial MD

By Lisa

How many glasses of water do you drink in a day?

Generally, conventional wisdom says that we should drink at least eight glasses. If our bodies don’t get enough water, we become dehydrated. This can cause symptoms ranging from headaches, to lightheadedness, to nausea. It can also cause some major cosmetic skin issues.

You might think that a lack of moisture just means that you have dry skin, but this isn’t necessarily the case. There is a big difference between dehydrated skin and dry skin. Dry skin is a skin type, categorized by a lack of natural oil production, but we want to talk about dehydrated skin. This is when your skin’s water content is depleted, resulting in itchiness, dullness, sensitivity, or the development of wrinkles or fine lines. There are a ton of potential causes of dehydrated skin, such as an unhealthy diet or overconsumption of caffeine or alcohol. The big cause that you have to be concerned about in Florida is, of course, the sun.

The Florida sun shines hot and bright all year round, but it can be especially punishing to the skin in the summertime. Aside from drinking healthy amounts of water throughout the day, how can you fight against the sun’s heat and keep your skin supple and well-hydrated throughout the summer? We say that one of the best ways can be found at our beauty spa: the HydraFacial MD.

HydraFacial MD

Comparing a HydraFacial to a regular facial is kind of like comparing a Tesla to a horse and buggy. HydraFacial uses cutting-edge esthetic technology and techniques to deliver results a regular facial can’t come close to. Not only is it one of the most popular beauty treatments all over the US, it is also the facial of choice of many Hollywood celebrities, such as Evan Rachel Wood and Amy Poehler.

The HydraFacial MD is broken up into four different stages, although it can be customized for your skin type and specific needs. If you’d like to skip any of these steps, just tell us and we will adapt your HydraFacial!

1. Cleaning and Exfoliation

Before we do any real work on your skin, we need to rid it of any dead skin cells or other debris. We use a special spiral tool to buff it away from your skin, resulting in a deep exfoliation. Again, this is entirely customizable based on your skin type. If you need us to use the spiral tool at a lower intensity, that is absolutely no problem at all.

2. Acid Peel

Many people dislike getting peels, even as part of a facial, but the glycolic acid peel that is part of HydraFacial is much gentler than you would expect. Instead of burning, you should only experience a slight tingle on the skin. But if you really want a deep acid peel, we can up the strength to suit your needs and desired result.

3. Extractions

Now it is time to get rid of all your blackheads and other gunk. Using a special vortex vacuum tool, we can extract impurities from your skin and often have to do much less physical extraction. Anybody who has had a facial knows this is a benefit!

4. Hydration

Now for the part we’ve all been waiting for! We use the same vortex tool with a slightly different nozzle to infuse your skin with hydrating serums, skincare products, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. Basically, we give your skin whatever it specifically needs to be healthy and well-hydrated!

Getting a HydraFacial takes between 15 minutes to a half an hour, so you can easily squeeze it into your busy schedule. Just like a regular facial, getting a HydraFacial can be a nice, relaxing break in your day. The entire treatment is gentle and you won’t ever have to worry about walking out of the spa with redness or irritation. That is unless, of course, you want us to give you the full intensity with the exfoliation and acid peel. Remember, the HydraFacial is fully customizable to your needs!

Hydration is important throughout the summer, and for more reasons than just preventing thirst. Along with regular HydraFacials, you should also drink a healthy amount of water every day. Not only will it help your general health, it will also improve your skin. Just think, one of the best beauty treatments you can get comes right out of your tap at home!

If you’d like to hear more about the HydraFacial MD, or any other fantastic skin treatments, you can visit our website at If you’d like to book an appointment for a HydraFacial, or a free consultation with Dr. Flaharty to talk about how we can give you a fully harmonious rejuvenation, just call us at (239) 415-7576. We hope you enjoy the summer sun for the last few weeks we have it!

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