Meet 3 Azul Women and Hear Their Cosmetic Journey

By: Suzie

One of our greatest joys at Azul Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa is getting feedback from our patients. It’s always gratifying to hear that you did a good job, but having someone actually sit down to write something positive about their experience is quite touching.

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It’s wonderful to know that you’ve made a real difference in someone’s life. This month, we wanted to turn over this platform to them, highlighting the experiences of three very special Azul women, in their own words. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts for the privilege of helping them on their cosmetic journey!

“Dr. Flaharty is the best cosmetic surgeon in SW Florida, bar none. I’ve researched and interviewed many doctors and have had minor cosmetic surgery done by four of them, but none were as kind, talented, or well-qualified as Dr. Flaharty. He and his staff are capable and personable, and made the experience a breeze.

Just two weeks after a full lower face and neck lift, I have a gorgeous, natural-looking, youthful face and neck again, with almost no bruising or swelling. I look 10–15 years younger! The tiny healing scars are all behind my ears, no one could possibly tell I even had surgery.

Beyond the remarkably fast healing, Dr. Flaharty is truly an artist. Follow his recommendations and you will have amazing results, well worth ten days of downtime. My husband and I can live happier lives now, thanks to Dr. Flaharty and his wonderful staff!” –Helen G.

“Ever since my 30s, I’ve had bags under my eyes, giving the impression that I was always tired. After much research into potential cosmetic solutions, I made an appointment with Dr. Flaharty for a consult. First, Dr. Flaharty discussed my concerns about the surgery. As a lower eyelid blepharoplasty would remove the fat under the eyes, he suggested that I have a fat transfer procedure to fill in the sunken area under my cheekbones. This procedure would also help minimize the wrinkles on the sides of the face. Finally, we discussed the Laser Resurfacing of my whole face to reduce or eliminate wrinkles and promote collagen production. He took his time, explaining every step and showing me before-and-after pictures of the different procedures.

What can I say about my cosmetic surgery outcome except WOW! My eyes are bright, my skin is smooth, and my cheeks are full. The procedures have taken years and years off my face and given me newfound confidence. As I am retired, the two to three weeks of healing just breezed by. My only regret is that I did not come to Dr. Flaharty sooner!” –M.

“Picking a surgeon to do elective facial surgery is a major decision, one that requires trust. If a mistake is made, one will have to live with the results forever. That’s why it was after careful discussion and a great deal of thought that I chose Dr. Patrick Flaharty to do my facial cosmetic surgery.

Initially, I only wished to have my eyelids raised, since they were described as “very heavy.” In my consultation with Dr. Flaharty, he was very patient, showing me why I should do more than just my eyelids and how each part of my face would be affected by the surgery. He laid out exactly what would happen, how I would feel, and what the results would be. Additionally, he explained the conditions under which the procedure would take place and how his staff would care for me. He was extremely thorough in his approach and never once pressured me into any procedures that I felt uncomfortable with.  

Now that the procedure is over, I can honestly say that I am thrilled with the result! Everything happened exactly as he said it would. I entered the surgery feeling safe, informed, and in good hands. I know that I was right to choose Dr. Flaharty. He is truthful, kind, extremely skilled, and very patient. He’s the kind of doctor who makes you feel that everything will turn out for the best. This is what Dr. Flaharty did for me. Three other dear friends of mine previously chose Dr. Flaharty, and now there are four of us, all very pleased with our results and looking wonderful!” –Anonymous

We would like to thank all of these patients for sharing their remarkable stories with us. We only hope that, in the future, we can continue to provide them with that same level of quality medical care and comfort.

If you would like more details about eyelid lifts, fat transfer, face and neck lifts, laser resurfacing, or any other cosmetic procedures, you can visit our website at or call our office at (239) 415-7576. We hope that we can give you just as wonderful an experience as we did for the fabulous Azul women above!

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