Is Copper Really the Secret to Younger Looking Skin?

By Britten

Everyone is looking for the “secret” to get younger looking, healthier skin. From cosmetic surgeons to cosmetic laboratories, they all want the golden fleece, the holy grail of skincare. And to be honest, most of them don’t have a clue.

At Azul Beauty though, we believe that we have a “secret weapon” that gives us the edge in developing innovative cosmetic products that will revolutionize your skincare regimen. And believe it or not, the big secret might be a very common metal (hint, reread the title of the blog for spoilers).

Dr. Kristen Flaharty, PharmD and the wife of our Dr. Patrick Flaharty, is the owner and founder of Trilogy Laboratories. They formulate all of our Azul Signature skincare products, with each getting Dr. Patrick Flaharty’s personal seal of approval.

Through technology and science, Trilogy Laboratories has created some pretty incredible products. One of their latest might just be that “secret” to younger looking skin we were talking about above. Azul Signature Exfoliating Lotion 5% and 10% appears like most other exfoliating lotions at first. But when you start to look at the ingredients and innovation that went into it, that’s when things start to get interesting. It doesn’t use little mechanical beads to help along exfoliation. No, this product is far more advanced than that.

The first ingredient that goes into the Exfoliating Lotion is professional-strength glycolic acid. This naturally occurring acid belongs to a family of acids called Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Compared to other acid types, glycolic acid penetrates the skin quickly and safely, exfoliating by removing the dead skin cells on the surface while also lightening any discoloration such as sun damage and sunspots. Regular use of this product can help maintain the results you get from an in-office skin peel, optimize skin cell turnover, and minimize wrinkles.

The big secret ingredient that makes this product so incredible is called NeoDermyl, or copper complexed protein. Yes, copper. It stimulates the collagen and elastin production in the lower layers of your skin to help restore lost skin elasticity and volume. The copper in NeoDermyl interacts with the enzymes and mechanisms in the body that regulate collagen production, prodding them into action.

Who would have ever guessed that copper would be the secret to unlocking younger and healthier looking skin? NeoDermyl is a cutting-edge ingredient that you won’t find in just any skincare product. Its revolutionary nature means that you will only get it in the best of the best. And that’s Azul.

As for using the Azul Signature Exfoliating Lotion, it’s easy. After cleansing your face and neck, you simply apply it nightly. The lotion comes in two strengths, 5% and 10%. We recommend starting with the 5%, and then move up to the 10% as your skin tolerates it. One word of warning however, too much of the lotion can be irritating to the skin. Use it no more than twice daily, as tolerated.

If you would like to learn about some of the other incredible cosmetic products coming out of Trilogy Laboratories, please visit their website at To book a skin analysis at Azul Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa to figure out exactly what Azul Signature products would be right for you, please call our office at (239) 415-7576. For the cutting-edge in cosmetic skincare, we have you covered!

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