How to Look Beautiful Using Mineral Makeup

How to Look Beautiful Using Mineral MakeupAlthough the popularity of mineral makeup has been growing over the last few years, many people are still unsure how it differs from regular makeup. It all comes down to the purity of ingredients. In the vast majority of the makeup on the market, ingredients include potential irritants like chemical dyes, scents, binders and preservatives. For those prone to sensitivity or allergies, these ingredients can cause distress to the skin. With mineral makeup such as the Jane Iredale and Minerale Makeup lines, however, you get a completely natural product that is perfect for any skin, and especially for sensitive skin. You know exactly what you are applying to your face — the only ingredients are the natural minerals used to make the product. Follow these hints to learn how to apply professional-looking, flawless mineral makeup.

Hint One — Don’t rush your moisturizer

As usual, start by cleansing your face and applying your favorite moisturizer, making sure that you give your skin enough time to absorb it, because the application of mineral makeup can be a bit different than what you may be used to. (Unlike traditional foundation, mineral foundation will not mix with your moisturizer. Applying loose minerale make up while there is still residual moisturizer on your skin may leave your foundation looking patchy and uneven.)

Hint Two — Use the proper tools

To get the most out of your mineral makeup, it is best to use tools specifically designed for the product. For example, using a common sponge to press the makeup into your face will separate the individual minerals, resulting in an unwanted shine. By using a brush, the minerals are layered evenly over your face. Another example would be makeup removal at the end of the day. Although your favorite cleanser may work just fine, you might consider using a specialty mitt instead. The knitted micro-fiber cloth (such as the Magic Mitt) will easily remove your makeup using nothing but water, leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean.

Hint Three — Less is more

With mineral foundation, a little will go a long way. Some people begin by applying it like regular makeup, and use far too much their first time. The key is to start by using a small amount to evenly cover your face, and then to apply another thin layer. Using this method, you build layer by layer until you have the perfect coverage.

There are so many benefits to using mineral makeup instead of traditional makeup. Because mineral makeup is light-reflective, it actually obscures wrinkles and lines in your skin, giving your complexation a youthful and natural look. It also naturally provides excellent protection from the sun (something that can be very important here in Florida!) There is no sunscreen involved in its formulation — the minerals themselves actually provide a physical barrier between your skin and the sun! Our products are laboratory-confirmed to be non-comedogenic (meaning that they do not clog pores, allowing your skin to breath naturally). All of our products are guaranteed to be cruelty-free, and many are also vegan and gluten-intolerant friendly.

Many skin treatments, like micropeels or microdermabrasions, can temporarily leave your skin red and inflamed as it heals. Wearing regular makeup to cover this can sometimes make things worse. Mineral makeup, however, actually helps alleviate irritation. Ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are anti-inflammatories that can help sooth irritated skin. They also help trap moisture, preventing drying. Ask your doctor how best to utilize your makeup post-treatment.

Here at Azul Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa, we offer Jane Iredale and Minerale Makeup, and our knowledgeable staff is excited to help you get the best out of each product! We can help you choose the correct color options and can show you the best way to apply.

If you are interested in any of the mineral makeup products, we encourage you to visit us in our makeup room or give us a call at (239) 415-7576. Mineral makeup is just one of the wonderful options we offer in the pursuit of beautiful, healthy-looking skin!

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