How Long Does It Take to See CoolSculpting® Results?

Stubborn fat can be an annoyance, especially when it puts a shadow of embarrassment over your plans. For example, you might be eager for your beach vacation, but if you’re not feeling confident in your bikini, that can easily ruin your mood. CoolSculpting® can help take away that insecure feeling, but since bikini season is near, you cannot help but wonder: how long does CoolSculpting® take to see results?


As with any other treatment, you should have realistic expectations before actually committing to anything. So, if you want to find out more about CoolSculpting® and when you can see actual results, this blog will serve as your guide to deciding whether or not CoolSculpting® is right for you at this time!

How CoolSculpting® Works

CoolSculpting® is a treatment that uses cryolipolysis, which is a patented fat-freezing technology that breaks down fat cells in a predetermined treatment area. Eventually, these treated cells will freeze and die, leaving your body to metabolize them naturally. With time, the fat cells will be flushed from your body, offering you a better-contoured physique. 

The procedure is non-invasive, and it often takes between 30 minutes and one hour to complete. When more cycles are required, the treatments may take longer. The good news is that unlike surgical procedures such as liposuction, CoolSculpting® does not require any downtime, so you can go about your normal day like nothing happened!

When Can I See CoolSculpting® Results?

Unlike liposuction, which immediately removes fat from the treated area, CoolSculpting® is a much more gradual process because your body breaks down the fat itself over time. This non-invasive treatment allows your skin to keep up with the weight-loss process, which may not happen with traditional liposuction. Most doctors combine liposuction with skin-tightening treatments, but the gradual slimming effect of CoolSculpting® often takes away the need for other procedures.

CoolSculpting® results may vary depending on the treated area. The wider the area and the more fat cells you have, the longer it may take for you to see significant results. A general timeline to consider for each treatment area is below; however, each patient and their specific treatment is different, so a personalized consultation with Azul® Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa will be the best way for you to get the most accurate information about your results. 

  • Double Chin: one to two months
  • Belly: two to five months
  • Flanks: one to three months
  • Thighs: three to six months
  • Arms: one to two months

Keep in mind that CoolSculpting® is not a weight-loss treatment, but rather a tool to remove stubborn, unwanted fat in hard-to-reach areas. Overall, fat removal with CoolSculpting® is a gradual process with significant results typically appearing after about four to six months. For friends or family members who haven’t seen you in a while, they might think that your stubborn fat was lost naturally with dieting and exercising.

How to Improve or Enhance CoolSculpting® Results?

There are a couple of things you could do to have visible results appear much faster and ensure long-lasting results: 

  • Be Close to Your Goal Weight

CoolSculpting® does not remove high levels of fat like liposuction does. Its purpose is to eliminate stubborn fat in hard-to-reach areas like your love handles, your abdomen, or under the chin, to name a few. By being closer to your goal weight (either at or near, ideally) when you start your CoolSculpting® treatment, you may have a better chance of seeing your results quicker. 

  • Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle 

Your lymphatic system is responsible for eliminating excess elements from your body. However, for your lymphatic system to perform at its full potential, you need to treat your body and your immune system with care, meaning you need to live a healthy lifestyle. It is very important that you make sure to get enough sleep, eat healthy foods, hydrate, and exercise to keep your body strong and healthy. Just because your fat was removed in the treated areas doesn’t mean that it can’t grow anywhere else, so being mindful of your lifestyle is crucial to maintaining your new body contour. 

The Bottom Line

It takes a few months for your final CoolSculpting® results to appear, but with a healthy lifestyle, these results can be long-lasting. Book an appointment with Azul® Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa, and we’ll answer all your questions regarding the CoolSculpting® treatment.


To find out more about CoolSculpting®, contact Azul® Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa at 239-415-7576. You can also use our online contact form for a virtual consultation before you visit our offices. A staff member will reach out to you shortly.


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