Footballs and Facials: Why We Love Them!

By Debbie

In America, we have the big two spectator sports: baseball and football. And for Dr. Flaharty’s money, there’s no contest! He’s a football fan, through and through.

With the NFL season upon us, you can feel the excitement in the air. Here in Florida, we are fortunate enough to have three major NFL teams: the Miami Dolphins, the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But you’re more likely to see Dr. Flaharty at a game of his favorite college team, the University of Michigan Wolverines! He flies out to watch them play in their mega-sized Michigan Stadium (The Big House!) in Ann Arbor, Michigan, at least once every season.

Of course, watching football in Florida means spending long hours outside in the sun (as opposed to Ann Arbor, where you have to dress like the Abominable Snowman and sit in sometimes sub-zero temperatures!) Here, the sun can pound down on us in a stadium, causing dryness and stressed skin at best, a nasty sunburn at worst. We have you covered in the case of a sunburn, with our line of Azul Sunscreens, but what about other kinds of sun damage and dryness? For those, we offer our relaxing, fully customized facials at Azul Medical Spa.

Azul Platinum Facial

The Azul Platinum Facial is our signature facial. Based on a classic European facial, the Platinum Facial combines a number of different ingredients to nourish your skin, no matter what your individual skin type. Even better, we always customize your facial to fit your personal skincare needs.

With the Azul Platinum Facial, we massage serums into the skin to give you deep hydration, restoring your natural radiance and improving the dryness that sun exposure can cause. As these facials are tailored to your unique needs and preferences, you will want to have a free consultation before we do anything, so we can address your specific needs.

HydraFacial MD

The HydraFacial MD is one of the hottest skin treatments in America (figuratively speaking). Incredibly popular among Hollywood stars, the HydraFacial is a key part of how we approach skincare at our Medical Spa.

There are four steps to the HydraFacial MD, and each can be customized to your skincare needs. First, we cleanse and exfoliate your skin to open your pores and remove dead skin cells. Next, we give you a mild acid peel to loosen dirt and debris, without irritating the skin. If your skin is very sensitive to peels, we can reduce the strength of the peel to your skin’s level of tolerance. After the peel, we extract impurities and unclog your pores using a specialized vacuum suction device. Finally, we use a special tool to deeply hydrate your skin using a special mix of antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. The entire facial only takes between 15 to 30 minutes to complete, so you can be in and out over your lunch break!

Facials can give your visible results short-term, but the real magic is what happens when you schedule monthly treatments. There are few things you can do to help your skin’s health more than having a wonderfully hydrating facial each month. You could schedule them with the football season, one facial for every game you go to!

To learn more about these facials, or to discover some of the other fantastic skin treatments we offer at our Medical Spa, you can visit our website at If you’d like to schedule an appointment for a facial, or book a consultation with Dr. Flaharty, feel free to call us at (239) 415-7576. If you love football and love healthy skin, we have everything you need right here at Azul!

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