Facelift 101: Why Modern Advances in Facelift Surgery Make It the Gold Standard for Looking Your Best

Facelift-101-Why-Modern-AdvIt’s no coincidence that so many skin creams and other products claim to be a “facelift in a bottle.” For over a century, facelifts have been the single most requested — and most effective — procedure to restore a smoother, firmer, more youthful appearance. The truth is that no skincare regimen, no cosmetics, fillers or Botox can match the benefits of a surgical facelift. No wonder it’s the gold standard for reversing the effects of gravity and sun damage — the results of a good facelift speak for themselves.

The facelift (rhytidectomy) has been the most popular facial aesthetic procedure ever since the first such operation was performed on “a noble lady” in 1901. By the 1920s, facial surgery was in high demand, not only for reconstructing the faces of soldiers injured in World War I, but also for correcting “featural imperfections.” It’s been improved and refined over decades, so that the process now requires very little time to perform. The results are far more natural-looking (no more risk of overtightening), and it’s safer, more affordable and more readily available than ever before.

Gone are the days when having a facelift meant sneaking away to a secluded spa, spending days in the hospital, hiding scars behind hairstyles or makeup. The twenty-first century facelift can be performed in an outpatient clinic in anywhere from two to six hours, depending on the depth of the lift and which procedures you combine with it.

It goes without saying (though we’ll say it anyway) that any cosmetic procedure should be performed by a licensed, board-certified surgeon. Dr. Flaharty has two decades of experience performing facelifts, and has even developed a technique called the Azul Natural Lift, exclusive to his practice. The Azul Natural Lift rejuvenates the entire lower face and neck by sculpting fatty tissues and lifting/tightening excess skin. Many patients choose to combine a facelift with a brow lift, eyelid lift or  chin enhancement. Dr. Flaharty will help you understand which procedure(s) will best meet your appearance goals, and customize your surgery to your specific needs and desires.

Most patients do report mild discomfort after a facelift — usually described as a “tight” feeling in the face — as well as swelling and bruising that can last up to two weeks. Results are often noticeable as early as ten days after the surgery. One surgeon told his patient that people were likely to ask if she had changed her hairstyle; she thought he was joking, until several of her friends and co-workers asked her that very question! A good facelift is not obvious, and can last up to ten years with healthy eating, exercise and skincare.  Contact Azul today to schedule your free consultation. You may even want to try a new hairstyle, too (just to keep everybody around you guessing!)

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