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Every time a big movie comes out, you can’t turn on the TV without seeing the stars being interviewed. And every one of them, men and women, have glowing, flawless complexions. Sure, there is makeup involved, but makeup can only take you so far. Celebrities practice various habits to keep their skin looking healthy and radiant, and many of these practices you can follow yourself!

Digital Detox

For many celebrities, social media is literally their lifeline to their fans. They depend on their phone to interact with the online community, but that kind of constant connection can take its toll. Many celebrities have taken to scheduling periods throughout the day where they either shut their phone off or put it into airplane mode. Just that little break from the constant connection, a little bit of “me” time, can greatly reduce stress and leave them ready to reconnect and fire off tweets like nobody’s business! You should try doing the same. Put your phone on airplane mode during your lunch break or leave it in your gym locker when you are working out. That little break from the internet will give you a nice stress break and help you reconnect with yourself.


Because it is what we present to the world, we tend to think of the face in an external way. But, like most things, it is what is inside that counts. Proper nutrition is absolutely essential for having great skin. Vitamin A helps prevent your skin from becoming dry and rough, while vitamin C helps regulate the structural protein collagen in your skin. Cutting back on sugar and caffeine can only help as well! A healthy body inside is a healthy body outside!


Meditation has gone from being a fad to a well-respected habit among celebrities in Hollywood. Transcendental Meditation is practiced by celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Russell Brand, and Lena Dunham. It helps release their creative spark and is excellent for stress reduction. Transcendental Meditation is now practiced all over the US, so perhaps you should check it out. With regular practice, you might be able to stop stress lines and wrinkles before they even happen!


Celebrities know that the heart of any good skin care routine is a good facial. This includes both relazation as well as therapeutic values. Here at Azul Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa, we offer the cutting edge of skin care , including the Azul Signature Facial. Based on the European Facial, it is customized to provide a number of special ingredients to nourish your skin and a specialized facial massage that will leave you with a glowing, healthy complexion. Everyone has different skin care needs, and that is why the Azul Signature Facial is incredibly customizable. We can also utilize a number of different techniques such as the HydraFacial MD to moisturize your skin, extractions, and Dermaplaning to strip away dead skin cells as needed.

Celebrities tend to be on the cutting edge of trends, from fashion to health advice. Sometimes we see what a celebrity is wearing and we think, “Uh, ok. That’s a little strange,” or we hear of a health fad that just doesn’t make sense to us. But some habits and trends do make complete sense. Meditation or temporarily cutting ourselves off from the internet absolutely destresses us and helps with relaxation. Proper nutrition is essential to your skin and full body health. And a regular facial will help keep your skin smooth and radiant. If you are interested in learning more about the Azul Signature Facial, just fill out a consultation form on our website at www.azulbeauty.com or give us a call at (239) 415-7576.

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