8 Science-Based Benefits to Facials

Who doesn’t love getting a great facial?

When most people picture having a facial, they think often think of the classic spa treatment: gentle water gurgling away, calming music playing in the background… a relaxing afternoon. But facials can be about far, far more than just that! Regular medical spa facials should be an absolutely essential part of your skincare regimen- and of course they can be relaxing too!

By getting facials on a regular basis, we can prevent skincare problems and signs of aging before they happen, putting you ahead in the game of aging and rejuvenation. Here are some of the science-based benefits that you can get by having regular facials at Azul Medical Spa.

  1. Exfoliate

Most facials include an exfoliation process, where the dead skin cells on the face are removed. This gets rid of dry and flaky skin, helps prevent clogged pores, and keeps your complexion looking clean and clear. Although using exfoliation creams on a daily basis can be a good start, nothing beats coming in for a facial where we can systematically get rid of all of those dead skin cells through either a physical exfoliation method (like microdermabrasion) or a chemical peel.

  1. Lower Your Stress and Anxiety Levels

The old cliché about getting a facial is that it is one of the most relaxing things you can possibly do. Well, sometimes clichés are true!

When you come in for a facial, you are intentionally slowing down and taking a break, while someone else takes care of you. You don’t have to put any effort in, you simply need to lie there and let the aestheticians do their work. This can be fantastic way to release anxiety and stress. And, as stress can actually exacerbate skin problems (like acne), giving yourself some time to slow down will help your skin health even more in the long run!

  1. Improve Circulation

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, “Wow, I look really pale and pallid today”? This might be because of poor blood circulation under the surface of your skin. The answer to this is simple: tissue massage! When you massage your facial tissue, you stimulate blood flow and restore that rosy glow that we all hope for. With regular facials, you can help improve your blood circulation in your face, to maximize the nutrients and oxygen your facial tissues receive.

  1. Prevent Signs of Aging

As we age, we lose tightness and definition in the face. Skin starts to sag as it loses its elasticity, and wrinkles start to form. It’s just the wear and tear of aging, it happens to us all. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do something to prevent, or even reverse, the physical signs of aging on the face.

Facials can boost collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin, restoring skin elasticity and minimizing wrinkles. With our scientifically based products, we can directly stimulate the production of new collagen and cellular growth, leaving your skin looking both healthier and younger over time.

  1. Hydrate

This is a big one, especially for those of us who live in Florida!

There is a price to be paid for the absolutely incredible, sunny weather that we tend to have year-round. The sun can pull moisture from your skin, causing dryness and flaking. Even if you drink a lot of water, the heat can really take its toll, especially if you are already genetically inclined to have dry skin.

A facial can help rehydrate your skin, infusing it with moisture from serums and other skincare products, helping to keep your face supple and soft.

  1. Profit from an Expert Eye

It’s easy to make a self-diagnosis about conditions like dry skin or excess oil, but it is another matter entirely to self-prescribe an effective solution to the problem. When you come to Azul Medical Spa, you will be seeing skincare professionals like myself, who know exactly what your skin needs to stay healthy. When you get a facial, we will customize it to address your specific skincare needs, as well as give you advice about at-home products and procedures that can help maintain your skin’s health every day.

  1. Minimize the Look of Exhaustion

Ask ten people if they get enough sleep, I suspect nine of them will say “Ha! No!”

Even if you do get a solid eight hours a night, you can still have bags under your eyes, giving you a tired and hollow appearance. One great thing about a fantastic facial is that special attention can be paid to your eyes, minimizing the dark circles and giving you a more alert, awake appearance.

  1. Fight Acne

Although acne is often perceived as a teenage problem, the reality is that many of us deal with acne issues every single day of adulthood. Acne can be painful and feel unattractive, often taking weeks to fully heal. We can address acne issues during your facial, fighting it with salicylic acid and other products that will clear out your pores and prevent blackheads and whiteheads from forming on your skin.

These are just a few of the many benefits of getting regular facials. But remember: not all facials are created equal. Going to any old spa for a clay mask can be fine for some basic me-time, but why not relax and get scientifically proven benefits at the same time? Azul Medical Spa’s Azul Platinum Facial and HydraFacial MD are specifically customized to your skincare needs. If you have sensitive skin, we can simply use gentler products and procedures. If you want a more vigorous treatment, we can go that extra mile! At Azul, it’s entirely up to you!

Along with the other cosmetic procedures at our Medical Spa, we also offer a number of surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedures that can specifically address any skincare and aesthetic issues you may have. We also have our Azul Skin Health line of at-home skincare products that can wonderfully complement whatever facial option you choose. Just give our office a call at (239) 415-7576 to book an appointment or free consultation with Dr. Flaharty, or visit our website at www.azulbeauty.com for more information about everything we offer. When it comes to scientifically proven beauty treatments, you just can’t beat all of the options at Azul!

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