2017 — The Year of You!

silhouette Woman jumping over 2017“Each day is a canvas waiting to be painted.” Craig Sager

Happy New Year! The holidays are over, and the joy is now in the blank slate we all get, to start this new year exactly the way we want to. It can be a very exciting time! New possibilities, new horizons. If you’re thinking, however, that the “new year hangover” feeling is lingering a little longer than it should, you’re not alone. Sometimes we all feel like we just want to hit the refresh button! The traditional resolutions – this year I mean it! – to improve yourself in certain areas (exercise more, get organized, eat better…) are all excellent objectives, and as the year progresses, making headway on these goals will not only give you great pride of accomplishment, it will enhance your quality of life and improve your self-confidence.

But what about an immediate boost? Studies show that one of the best ways to stay motivated to keep charging forward on those long-term resolutions is to put a few goals on your list that you can accomplish right now. After all, how good would it feel to be able to check a few things off that list today? Keep your ongoing resolution to “eat better” by all means, but also put “eat a healthy lunch today” on your list. There! It’s no longer this great, daunting undertaking. Now it’s just something you are already doing.

And what about those goals that just don’t seem achievable no matter what you do? Perhaps last year you really worked on your resolution to exercise more, and you hit the gym with gusto. Very nice job! By the end of the year, you felt better, you looked better, and maybe even had to ask for a size smaller at Christmastime! But… there are still those stubborn pockets of fat or some sagging skin, hanging around like an over-stayed guest, not taking the hint that it’s time to move along. Where, you wonder, is the reward for the work?

Here at Azul, we have dedicated 2017 as the Year of You! From things you can do today, right now, to look and feel better, to longer-term options to keep you feeling motivated throughout the entire year and beyond, Dr. Patrick Flaharty and Azul’s team of get-your-groove-back specialists will carefully customize a plan that brings out your personal very best.

If you’ve been wondering about how to get started, take a look at these simple methods to bring that smile back as you look forward in the new year.

Say goodbye to stubborn fat and sagging skin 

No sagging, loose skin and stubborn pockets of fat for you this year! CoolSculpting technology literally freezes unwanted fat from areas like pooch-y stomachs, thick thighs, double chins and batwing arms. While you read, play on your tablet or text with a friend, the device is placed on these problem spots, and the fat is naturally eliminated over time by the body. So, while the effect will be gradually noticeable, no one will ever know you had anything done. (Unless you tell them!) This revolutionary treatment takes approximately an hour and is completely non-invasive. You simply sit, relax, and let the technology go to work!

Refresh with the ultimate in relaxation and restoration

Think you couldn’t put “Stun all my friends” on your list? How about being able to check that off in less than an hour? Though the stress of the holiday season may have taken its toll, why let that carry over into your brand new year? It’s one more resolution that’s within your reach right now.

A favorite among patients and staff, our signature HydraFacial MD is relaxing and restorative. Your skin will be soothed and softened with this unique resurfacing facial that exfoliates, hydrates and infuses your face with antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid. The best part? This deep facial delivers instant results with no discomfort or downtime, and is perfect for all skin types.

In no more time than a quick lunchbreak, the HydraFacial MD will truly pamper and restore your skin, bringing out a lit-from-within glow, and don’t be surprised if you hear “Wow, you look great!” as you walk in a room!

Love your look with a Liquid Facelift

Want to make a more dramatic change, but not quite ready for a surgical facelift? With each passing year, gravity, the environment and even our facial movements contribute to the aging look of our skin. And we’re reminded of this, every time we look in the mirror! But unless you can actually stop time, creasing and drooping are inevitable. However, a non-surgical Liquid Facelift offers a turn-back-the-clock option that’s quick and effective, restoring a more youthful appearance with little to no downtime.

Using injectables (like Botox and dermal fillers), the versatile Liquid Facelift gently lifts overall (or specific) facial features, restores your natural facial contours and reduces wrinkles, creases and folds, resulting in a more relaxed, refreshed, youthful look and a friendlier smile.

Before                                         After

INFINI™ Skin Tightening is the newest FDA-approved option to increase collagen production, reduce acne scarring and tighten the skin. Dr. Flaharty or one of Azul’s highly trained team will use a precision tool with tiny microneedles to reach deep into the lower layers of your skin. This deep layer is then infused with radiofrequency waves, stimulating new collagen generation, resulting in younger looking, tighter, more refined skin.

This minimally invasive procedure takes less than an hour and has very little discomfort, usually tolerated well with just a topical anesthetic cream and a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory or Tylenol. There’s a little pinkness for about 24 to 36 hours, and soon you’ll start noticing your firmer, more resilient skin!

Because Infini bypasses the outer layer of skin, it’s safe for all skin types, tones and conditions.


Before                                                     After

It’s your year!

So, are you ready to make 2017 the Year of You? Make it easy on yourself – start with small steps, that you can do today. Take a look at our Medical Spa Services and Non-Surgical Treatments. If you’re leaning toward more long-term rejuvenation, look through our options for Facial Cosmetic Surgery. When you’re ready, we invite you to come in for a consultation – a very relaxed, easy conversation where we’ll talk about what your goals are, make sure all your questions are answered, and then think over what steps you can take that best fit your lifestyle. At Azul, we treat you like family, with sincere care and attention to your personal goals, no matter how large or small! Just visit our website at www.azulbeauty.com  or give us a call at (239) 415-7576 to learn more. We look forward to toasting a new you in 2017!

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